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  • It is a foregone conclusion that East Hampton went to the dogs long ago. Now it is the cats! East Hampton began its meandering path to going to the cats mostly in the modern historical sense of time.

    Our family cats began, when I was a little boy, with Black Nose. He was a family pet, yet the only significant memory I have of this cat was wrapping him in a blanket and putting him in the bathroom sink to rest. The cat was not well. Black Nose spent his last days resting in the bathroom sink comfy and dry, wrapped in his small blanket.

  • At an intimate party, money was raised for abused children and Katie Beers discussed her ordeal.
  • This year, 55 antiques dealers participated, offering a wide range of items from several time periods.
  • East Hampton, N.Y., July 1, 2014: Concern and discussion about a number of new vehicles that have taken to the East Hampton roads seem all the rage in local scuttlebutt. New white Ford F-150s have been spotted tailgating the cars of older East Hampton Village residents who pilot smaller automobiles. Most of the people being tailgated are elderly ladies.

  • Conscience Point Shellfish Hatchery celebrated a year with a party at the Charles and Tee Addams House and Studio on Friday the 13th.
  •     Captain Mike did not laugh when we saw a silver fox clear as day on the Napeague stretch, 6 a.m., early May 1982. He said there were two left out here: “Animal looks like a big wolf, easy to see.” His 1956 Willys Jeep barely had a front windshield, window wipers never worked. Must have been a clear morning.

  • There was plenty of zany fun, dirty jokes, offbeat talent, and questionable humor at the Mr. Amagansett contest at the Stephen Talkhouse on Thursday night, a fund-raiser for the Donald T. Sharkey Memorial Fund.
  • A cast and crew that included dozens of East Hampton High School students presented the classic musical "Once Upon a Mattress" at the school on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday under the direction of Debbie Mansir.
  •     Feb. 2, 2014, Ditch Plain, Montauk: The voice rings out, “Lads, paddle, a set is coming.” Four men on surfboards ranging from 9 to 10 feet paddle 30 yards farther seaward to wait, positioning themselves for the four-foot winter set.

        Three of the men had been talking, light Irish brogues distinct, pleasant enough topics, not much at all, prior to the sighting of the three-wave set, clearly visible 250 yards offshore. The fourth surfer had mentioned to one of the three Irish guys, “You need a hood.”

  • The first part of Guild Hall's annual Student Art Festival, with work by children in kindergarten through eighth grade, will be on view through Feb. 23.

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