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  •     The Sag Harbor man charged in June with drunken driving after his pickup truck collided with a car on Route 114, sending its occupants, a mother and son, to the hospital, was re-arraigned in criminal court in East Islip yesterday.

  •     Driving across the double yellow line led to a traffic stop, an arrest on a felony charge of aggravated drunken driving, and the possible lifetime loss of driving privileges for a Northwest Woods man, who is being held without bail in the county jail in Riverside.

  •     Nicholas Lobaccaro had had enough. In an apparent case of summertime exasperation last Thursday night, he moved a valet-parked vehicle that was blocking his driveway at 209 Main Street in East Hampton, near the c/o Maidstone inn and Living Room restaurant, damaging a BMW in the process and leading to his arrest.

        A witness told East Hampton Village police that Mr. Lobaccaro got into a parked 2013 Chevrolet Tahoe, a car owned by a patron of the Living Room, and backed it into the BMW.

  • A grand jury in Riverhead indicted Jason Lee, a Goldman Sachs financial advisor, for rape in the first degree this afternoon, after an alleged incident with a 20-year-old foreign student at a rented house in East Hampton.
  • A grand jury in Riverhead indicted Jason Lee, a Goldman Sachs financial advisor, for rape in the first degree this afternoon.

  • A grand jury, which met in Riverhead from Wednesday through Friday, is expected to indict Jason Lee, a banker at the Manhattan investment banking firm Goldman Sachs, on a charge of first-degree rape as a result of a hearing at which the alleged victim appeared.
  • In recent weeks, the East Hampton Town Police log has been peppered with “quality-of-life” weekend entries, minor and not so minor incidents occurring in and around downtown Montauk and, to a lesser extent, Amagansett’s popular night-time hotspots
  •     The East Hampton Town Zoning Board of Appeals had applications before it in recent weeks on properties facing Gardiner’s Bay, delaying decision on one — which Tom Preiato, the town’s head building inspector called “an insult,” and saying no by a split vote to two others for a concrete revetment. A few mixed decisions and yeses were also handed out on less controversial proposals.

  •     Just hours after the annual East Hampton Artists and Writers Softball Game, another rite of summer took place: the annual East Hampton anti-drunken driving sweep in which several police departments participate.

  •     A taxi driver from Maspeth, Queens, working for a Brooklyn company, was arrested near the I.G.A. supermarket on Montauk Highway in Amagansett at 4 a.m. Monday on a felony driving without a license charge.

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