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  • Operation Nightcap swept through East Hampton Town and Village, Sag Harbor, and Shelter Island on Saturday
  •     Kimberly M. Delrio, 22, was arraigned in East Hampton Town Justice Court last Thursday on charges stemming from her effort to transport Freddie Stephens to Southampton Hospital. Mr. Stephens had been shot in the arm, apparently accidentally, by a friend, Frank Hanna, on May 24.
        “She saved my son’s life, Tieya Bacon, Mr. Stephens’s mother, said on May 31, following Mr. Hanna’s arraignment.

  •     East Hampton Town police made two arrests early on July 1 following a bar fight at the Memory Motel in Montauk, according to a police report and eyewitnesses.
        Bouncers kicked Kalithe R. Wyche out of the bar shortly after 3 a.m., police said. The report described Mr. Wyche, who is 33 and lives in East Hampton, as intoxicated.

  •     A 62-year-old woman was struck by a 2005 Dodge pickup truck on Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. in East Hampton, then taken by ambulance to East Hampton Airport and from there by helicopter to Stony Brook University Medical Center. She had lacerations to her face.
        The woman, Linda E. Turner of Three Mile Harbor Road, East Hampton, remained in the hospital as of noon yesterday. The truck was driven by David Browne, who is East Hampton Town’s chief fire marshal.

  •    “Men’s Lives,” the 20-year-old play about the disappearance of a South Fork way of life by Joe Pintauro, opened as a revival Saturday night at the Bay Street Theatre in Sag Harbor, the same theater in which it received its debut production.
        When an audience is told how to feel, it usually stops feeling. Allow the audience, as this play often does, to find its own way as the story unfolds on the stage and it will feel, and more important, care about what the author cared about.

  • Police and code enforcement officers are investigating a Jericho company called Hamptons and Sons for hosting massive after-prom and graduation parties at rented houses.
  •     East Hampton Town police arrested Helena B. Flecker, 42, of Huntington, a little before midnight last Thursday, charging her with driving while intoxicated. Because her son was riding in the back seat, she was charged with aggravated D.W.I. and held on $1,000 bail.

  •     Last Thursday a little after 9 a.m., Thomas Barton of Springs backed his 2004 Ford pickup truck out of a driveway on Sherwood Lane in that hamlet and put it in drive, intending to head north, when he saw a water bottle fly up in the air, according to a report from East Hampton Town police.

  •    There are no happy stories in this place, at least not for me.
        Sure, there are weddings. Weddings are happy. Brides are pretty, grooms dashing. I don’t cover weddings. Weddings don’t make the front page and they don’t sell newspapers, unless they’re marrying two super-size flavors of the month, or unless it involves local royalty.
        Me, I get the aftermath, the wives beaten, orders of protection violated. Wife stabs husband in self defense? That will sell newspapers.

  •     Jeffrey Ahn, an honor student at the Trinity School in Manhattan, was struck and killed by a taxicab as he walked along Old Stone Highway from the Amagansett train station toward his family’s house on Arbor Lane on Saturday afternoon. He was 17.
    “Just a tragic, tragic accident,” East Hampton Town Police Chief Edward Ecker said on Sunday. “There wasn’t any drinking or drugs involved here,” the chief said of the driver of the Lindy’s taxi, Ladislav Smigura.

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