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  •     A building permit for a property on Abraham’s Path in Amagansett that was rescinded, then reinstated, was again rescinded, this time by the East Hampton Town Zoning Board of Appeals. The board voted 5 to 0 on Tuesday night to make the permit issued by the town’s acting chief building inspector, Tom Preiato, null and void, at least for now.

  •     An East Hampton Town police officer sent to the scene of an accident a few minutes after midnight on June 3 ended up arresting the driver, Jose M. Tacuri, 25, of Amagansett, charging him with driving while intoxicated.
        According to the police report, Mr. Tacuri was standing near a 2000 Toyota with its key still in the ignition and the engine running. It had crashed into a tree off Spring Close Highway in East Hampton.

  •    At the heart of comedy is emotional pain. Pain raised to a heightened level, to the point where all you can do is laugh. And laugh you will at the brilliant revival of Murray Schisgal’s “LUV,” directed by Lonny Price, playing at the John Drew Theater at Guild Hall through July 1.

  • Unpublicized campaign nets 15 in Southampton; who’s next?
  • While most Montauk residents were sleeping, a brawl that bystanders said was a bias crime broke out downtown in the early hours Monday.
  •     When East Hampton Bowl’s competitive bowling season ended last month and it came time to buy awards for the league members, a large sum of money was found missing. East Hampton Village police were notified on May 18 that $6,300 had been taken from a safe at the bowling alley, and another $1,000 had been removed from the league’s bank account.

  • The officer pulled the car over near Lincoln Road and police said the driver, Brian Schlitt, 41, of Amagansett, who appeared intoxicated, could not produce a license or any identification.
  • As the weather gets warmer, the road-ragers are hitting midseason form, based on recent police reports.
  • Frank A. Hanna, 29, accused of shooting 20-year-old Freddie Stephens with a .44-caliber handgun on May 24, was turned over to the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department on Tuesday, preparatory to being indicted by the county for the shooting.
  •    It is a sad fact that as an actress matures and ages, the parts available for her decrease. She may be getting wiser and better as a performer, but the characters to show it simply aren’t there. Theater, while an art form in which women can thrive, has historically been male-dominated, hence the dearth of mature female roles.

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