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  •    It’s fairly common knowledge by now that, as the band Queen sings, “fat-bottomed girls, they make the rockin’ world go ’round,” but can the same be said for confectionery?
        According to Donna McCue, whose East Hampton business, Fat Ass Fudge, has been on a steady spread for the past four years, the answer is yes.

  • A first look at the East Hampton School District’s proposed budget for 2012-13 on Tuesday evening brought Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s 2-percent tax levy cap up close and personal — to the tune of a possible $2.85 million gap.
  •     Monday night’s Springs School budget workshop was dominated by the word “daunting,” as the board reviewed the potential gap between revenue and expenses in the proposed 2012-13 budget and discussed how the school might work within new constraints.

  • Bonac Yard Sale - Clams, kids’ clothes, and friendly ribbing.
  • The East Hampton Village Board held a public hearing on Friday on a law that would restrict the size of real estate signs.
  •    Is the glass half empty or half full? Reports presented from Suffolk Research Service and one of the East End’s real estate firms offer a nebulous view of whether the market is on the rise or still bouncing along the bottom.
        Although there was some improvement from the third quarter of 2011 to the final quarter, there was little to no improvement over all over the fourth quarter of 2010, according to George R. Simpson, the president of Suffolk Research Service.

  • Mayor Paul F. Rickenbach Jr. has proposed revising a local law to limit real estate signs to a modest one and a half square feet.
  • Joyce McFadden, an author and psychoanalyst who lives in East Hampton and will give a book talk at East Hampton High School.
  • With an acceptance to Cornell University in the fall, Sam Miller, a Pierson student who will be his graduating class’s valedictorian, is planning to study computer science as a possible major.
  • The Springs School Board announced at its meeting on Monday night that it plans to adopt a new administrative model for the district.

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