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  • With three professional riders who might ordinarily be expected to show in Bridgehampton in Normandy this week for the World Show Jumping Championships, “we still have a star-studded lineup,” Marty Bauman, the Hampton Classic’s knowledgeable press officer, said Sunday as more than 600 Long Island riders of all ages vied throughout the 39th Classic’s opening day.

  • The Yellow team, which apparently was the dominant one in roller hockey play this spring at the Sportime Arena in Amagansett, prevailed 6-4 over Tyler Jarvis’s White team in a hotly contested playoff final on Aug. 19.

    Because he was ill that night, Jarvis’s teammates would not have been surprised had he sat the game out, but he arrived just before the puck was dropped.

  • Asked the reason why he had reworked a Porsche Metzger engine so that it would achieve 1,000 horsepower on pump fuel, the Car Doctor, Ryan Pilla, said the other day, “Doesn’t everyone want more horsepower, Jack?!”

    “It took us two months — it was a fun project,” added Car Doctor World’s “nurse,” Rod Davidson. “We’ve created more horsepower out of pump fuel than anyone else has to date.”

  • After all these years I still don’t know the rules of anything really, and was somewhat tongue in cheek taken to task by a doubles opponent this past week for having served out of turn during a tiebreaker.

  • The Hamptons, as it were, have been described as a mighty unfriendly “city” in a recent Condé Nast poll, though I’d beg to differ. On the contrary, rather than brutish, I find people here, if not beatific, quite giving.

    So much so that I think every now and then — when I’m not in traffic — that we’re an island of sanity in an insane world.

  • Not since the Armory Show has anything been quite so shocking as the Artists’ 15-8 (some said 14-8) win over the Writers in Saturday’s 66th Artists and Writers Softball Game.

    “O wonder! / How many goodly extra-base hits were there! / How beauteous the Artists’ lineup was! / O, brave new world. . . .”

  • There were two sporting events of note on Sunday — the Red Devil long-distance bay swims in Amagansett that benefited East Hampton’s Ocean Rescue Squad, and Ellen’s (5K) Run in Southampton, a benefit for the Ellen P. Hermanson breast cancer foundation.

    The run and walk drew a field of around 800. Fifty-one competitors swam in the swims.

  • With all its collegians in tow, Groundworks Landscaping swept the Police Benevolent Association in the East Hampton Town women’s slow-pitch softball league’s playoff final by scores of 7-1 (on July 29) and 12-3 on Aug. 5.

    Groundworks was the playoff champion in 2012, but had to forfeit the final to Provisions last year because its half-dozen college students returned to school that week.

  • Quentin Bazar, an Amagansetter who’s 12, 6 feet, and growing, said during a recent conversation that he’s “always done things that have to do with the water,” though, in order to pursue the sport he loves, he has to cross a large body of water, Long Island Sound, to engage in it.

    That sport is water polo, and he plays it for a 12-and-under traveling team in Greenwich, Conn., which recently acquitted itself well at USA Water Polo’s Junior Olympics in Stanford, Calif.

  • Recently, I read of someone who was described as “a great herder of cats.” Leif Hope, a great ballplayer, by the way, who moves like a cat on the mound and bats like a lion, is one of those — an artistic manager of swing-for-the-fences egos in the service of the greater good.

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