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  • While “Birdman” was a wonderful picture, “Citizenfour,” which won the documentary Oscar for Laura Poitras (not to mention Glenn Greenwald’s Pulitzer Prize reporting), is even more of a must-see.

    It certainly has a chilling effect — in keeping, I think you’ll agree, with the season.

  • Joe McKee, the newly named varsity football coach at East Hampton High School, a longtime East Hampton resident and an outstanding three-sport athlete when he was a student at the high school, from which he graduated in 1983, faces a challenging task, because East Hampton — for only the fourth time in the program’s history, dating to 1923 — did not field a varsity team this past fall, only a junior varsity, and that team’s season, owing to attrition, was truncated.

  • Ken Ferrin first fly-fished at the age of 19 at Flathead Lake in Montana, where he was the waterfront director at a boys camp.

    A long hiatus followed, until four years ago, at the age of 78, he suggested to his wife and tennis and cycling partner, Patti, with whom he’s biked all over the world, that they forgo heli-skiing, which they’d done for 20 years, in Canada, in favor of fly-fishing.

  • Alan Boltin, a former East Hampton tennis professional who now divides his time between Taos, N.M., and Sedona, Ariz., would like to repeat with North Korea a sports exchange that he said helped, along with Ted Turner’s Goodwill Games and Billy Joel’s concert tour of the Soviet Union, bring down the Iron Curtain some 30 years ago.

  • “You’re one of the youngest old people I know,” my dentist said to me the other day as he excavated around a post in the hopes a filling would prevent the need for a crown. Before I could remonstrate with him — “One of the youngest? Please” — he was drilling away.

  • “It’s a beautiful day at the Y.MC.A. — how can I help you?” the voice on the other end of the line at the Y.M.C.A. East Hampton RECenter says when you ask to speak to its new executive director, Glenn Vickers II.

  • The White team, led by Brian Rubenstein and James Keogh, which finished at the top of the four-team roller hockey league this winter at the Sportime Arena in Amagansett, was to have squared off there against Tyler Jarvis’s Blue team in the season’s final Tuesday night.

  • “All girls under 20 have to sit on the floor,” Theresa Roden, I-Tri’s founder, said as it became clear that, because of the large crowd Saturday, there wouldn’t be enough chairs to sit on in the Eleanor Whitmore Early Childhood Center’s large central room, where the empowerment program’s mother-daughter retreat was to begin a new year.

  • This can’t continue much longer, it sucks: I’ve gotten stuck, I’ve struck a co-worker’s truck, and I’ve just told a cold-caller to “take a flying ——.”

    You get the idea — one’s nerves begin to fray when beset by the cold, not to mention cold-callers.

    I was beginning to think that all the reserves of joy that are to be found in mutual suffering had been spent when a wonderful couple bearing tea came to our aid, but more about them later. 

  • Having learned that two of Stony Brook’s best players were out — one being its senior point guard, Rob Colarusso, who had been chiefly responsible for Pierson’s defeat in the Class C championship game — Bridgehampton’s boys basketball players figured Saturday’s county C-D game at William Floyd High School would be a walkover.

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