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  • Thursday, September 18

    GIRLS TENNIS, McGann-Mercy at East Hampton, nonleague, 4 p.m.

    GIRLS VOLLEYBALL, Sayville at East Hampton, 5 p.m.

    GOLF, East Hampton at Westhampton Beach, 3:30 p.m.

    GIRLS SOCCER, East Hampton at Elwood-John Glenn, 4:30 p.m.

    Friday, September 19

    GIRLS SWIMMING, Smithtown vs. East Hampton-Bridgehampton-Pierson, Y.M.C.A. East Hampton RECenter, nonleague, 5 p.m.

    BOYS SOCCER, East Hampton at Elwood-John Glenn, 4:30 p.m.

  • As I walked to The Star’s kitchen the other day with Henry’s empty dish, not needing it anymore, I saw a piece of plywood barring the editor’s door, about baby gate-high, and looked in, and there was a puppy nibbling at his shoelaces. I wasn’t overly sad, for that’s the way it is: Life goes on.

  • The Montauk Rugby Club Sharks are back — just when it was thought the side, founded 41 years ago by Charlie Whitmore, might have to pack it in because of a lack of numbers.

    Indeed, about a year ago, on Oct. 13, a story on these pages was headlined “Sharks’ Swan Song?” after the squad could barely field 15 for a game here against the Danbury (Conn.) R.C.

  • Slow-pitch softball, while it may be dead in Amagansett, is alive and well in Montauk — the playoffs’ fifth game there the night of Sept. 2, played before an enthusiastic crowd, provided ample evidence of that — though, as Bill Becker pointed out, the Hank Zebrowski field is pretty ragged, and in the outfield largely unlit.

  • Joe Vas, the East Hampton School District’s athletic director, thinks just about all of the high school’s teams will be competitive this fall, beginning with boys soccer, which looked very sharp in a scrimmage here with Westhampton Beach on Sept. 3.

  • A 49-year-old Manhattanite, Adrian Mackay, won Sunday’s Mighty Hamptons Triathlon, though because he had started in a later wave than the 27-year-old Julian Acevedo, of Astoria, Queens, who was the first to cross the Long Beach, Noyac, finish line, it wasn’t immediately apparent that the elder triathlete had won.

  • Summer does not so much make a light escape here as a noisy one, so that we, the birds who stay, and who indeed will shiver, rejoice.

    Thus the seasons are for us rearranged, and the waning of summer, what for many is a signal of decline, brings promise here.

  • “Ireland, Ireland, Ireland,” the Hamp­ton Classic’s press officer, Marty Bauman, said at the press conference that followed Sunday’s $250,000 Grand Prix, alluding to, among other Irishmen, the Grand Prix’s winner, Kevin Babington, and its third-place finisher (and $30,000 Longines rider-of-the-week winner for the second year in a row), Richie Moloney.

  • When Lori King arrived at the jumping-off place for her 22.5-mile Catalina Channel swim, in the depths of the night, she was thrown a curve: The captain said she should do it the other way round, from the mainland to the island.

  • Almost 200 runners showed up at the Springs Firehouse Labor Day morning to take part in the Great Bonac 10 and 5K races, and many of them, wonderful to tell, were young and eager, boding well for East Hampton High School’s boys and girls cross-country and track programs.

    Among the participants was Howard Lebwith, who 37 years ago founded the race, along with Ed Hults and John Conner. Lebwith, who “slogged” the 5K, is now 84, and Sharon McCobb, president of the Old Montauk Athletic Club, consequently allotted him 84 as his bib number.

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