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  • The last best hope for America, I’ve always thought, lay with the Kennedys, whose spirit was of the sort that would get us working with each other and for each other, but that was a long time ago, and, yes, in a different country.
  • Carl Johnson remembers how it was when, at the age of 9 or 10, he first went to the summer pickup games at the Bridgehampton Child Care Center on the Sag Harbor Turnpike.
  • Two thousand runners and triathletes competed here this past weekend in races held Saturday and Sunday.
  • Had I met Larry Brown at the pickup games the other night, I would, had I not been barred at the gates — “No media,” they said, though, looking about, it seemed I was the sole medium around — have told him that were he to coach here I intended to become the legal guardian of our 10 and 7-year-old basketball-crazed grandsons who live in Perrysburg, Ohio.
  • As for Saturday’s football game here with Greenport-Southold-Mattituck, i.e., the North Fork team, there was little to write home about.
  • David Brooks wrote the other day about the lack of trust in our society, and how corrosive that is when it comes to a thriving democracy.
  • Joey McKee, who coaches East Hampton High School’s football team, told his players at the end of Saturday night’s 30-9 loss here to Wyandanch, Bonac’s homecoming opponent, to hold their heads high.
  • “It takes a community,” Mark Crandall, an Amagansetter who heads up Hoops for Hope, a mentoring program for young people in Zimbabwe and South Africa, said at The Star last Thursday of what it took to get Watida Mukukula, one of Zimbabwe’s top junior basketball players, to come for schooling in the United States.
  • With a crowd of about 200 looking on appreciatively in East Hampton High School’s auditorium Saturday morning, the 1989 gymnastics team, the seven McKee brothers, Ed Bahns, Kathryn Mirras, Brynn Maguire, Sandy McFarland, and the late Eleanor Dickinson Baker and James P. McNally Jr. were inducted into the high school’s Hall of Fame.
  • Asked by a late arrival where the winner was, David Powers, who didn’t compete in the Mighty Hamptons Triathlon on Sunday, given the fact that he had his 6-week-old daughter, Zoe, in tow (as well as his 2-year-old daughter, Ellie), said, “He left.”

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