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  • I just know that this so-called tax reform plan, if what’s been intimated comes to be, will gore my ox, and probably will gore the oxen of numerous other members of the middle class here, this being a high-tax state where middle classers itemize.
  • The East Hampton High School boys cross-country team was a winner in the division meet’s championship race contested by 20 teams at Sunken Meadow State Park.
  • Hampton United, the over-30 men’s team that plays in the Suffolk Men’s Soccer League, ascended to first place in the Division I standings Sunday by virtue of a 6-2 win over previously undefeated Sporting America at Hampton Bays High School, H.U.’s home field.
  • Ari Weller, the founder of Philosofit, the fitness studio across the street from the Y.M.C.A. East Hampton RECenter, gave a movement and stretching class at one of his client’s houses this past summer, in which, as it turned out, one of the participants was Dr. Mehmet Oz of television fame, who, until he encountered Weller, had thought there was nothing to be done about his chronic knee pain.
  • Fifty-one years ago this column began to be written. No, no need to genuflect. No, no, please. . . .
  • The Montauk Rugby team, after having virtually vanished from sight this fall, reappeared in all its glory at the Hank Zebrowski field in Montauk Saturday afternoon, taking it to a team, Brooklyn, that had won overwhelmingly in the sides’ first meeting, at Prospect Park, on Sept. 23.
  • Churning the water at the Y.M.C.A. East Hampton RECenter’s pool, East Hampton High School’s girls swimming team left Harborfields in its wake on Oct. 18 to win the League III championship at 5-0.
  • So (cough, cough) we are encouraging more burning of coal, while China, they say, is about to take the lead in the manufacture of electric cars.
  • Despite the absence of a centerpiece football game, there was plenty to cheer about over the homecoming weekend just past as boys soccer, girls volleyball, boys volleyball, and field hockey registered wins here while the girls swimming team was improving its league-leading record to 4-0 at Stony Brook.

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