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  • Women were prominent in competitions here this past week. Caroline Cashin, for the second year in a row, outdid everyone in the Pump ’N’ Run, her 133 bench press reps sending her off on the 1.7-mile beach run three minutes and nine seconds ahead of her nearest competitor.
  • The Hampton Classic’s 60-acre Snake Hollow Road showgrounds in Bridgehampton were quiet Friday afternoon, a little more than a week before the weeklong hunter-jumper show, one of the top ones in North America, is to begin with Sunday morning’s leadline classes judged by Joe Fargis, an Olympic gold-medal winner.
  • “Only two more weeks,” I said to the young woman at the liquor store, who, I thought, did not entirely comprehend.
  • The Artists and Writers Softball Game didn’t set an attendance record at East Hampton’s Herrick Park Saturday afternoon, though the Scribes and Paletteers went at it with gusto as they always have — for 70 years, it is said — and, in the end, the Writers had the last word, winning 12-8.
  • Two champions were crowned here this past week — East Hampton F.C.-Pool Shark in men’s 7-on-7 soccer and the Police Benevolent Association team in women’s slow-pitch softball.
  • The Hampton Lifeguard Association took 100 junior and senior guards to the United States Lifesaving Association’s national tournament in Virginia Beach, Va., this past week, with the 47-member senior guard team finishing sixth among 33 teams vying for the championship trophy.
  • The Hive was swarming Friday as Shaquille O’Neal shot hoops with youngsters and who, prior to a screening of Ben and Orson Cummings’s documentary on the 2015-16 Bridgehampton High School boys basketball team, the Killer Bees, and the inspiring tradition behind it, told the crowd that he, too, had gone to a school like Bridgehampton.
  • Saturday promises to be the sportiest weekend day of the summer inasmuch as four events here, namely Fighting Chance distance swims, the Artists and Writers Softball Game, a Hamptons Hoops Academy basketball clinic, and the Hampton Cup junior tennis tournament are vying for attention.
  • Hats off to Sylvia Overby, who told me at the Little League ceremony at Maidstone Park the other day that Adderol was used to treat ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, as I was later to learn) and thus helped me finish a crossword puzzle that had been causing me to fidget.
  • Tortorella Pools and Hampton F.C.-Pool Shark were to have faced off at East Hampton’s Herrick Park last night for the Wednesday evening 7-on-7 spring championship.

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