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  • While the under-30 men’s soccer team here has swept all before it, the over-30 team has done quite well too.

    Olger (Quique) Araya, Hampton United’s goalie, reported Monday that the over-30s, who finished as the Division II runner-up in their inaugural year in the Suffolk Men’s Soccer League, lost 4-2 to Sayville, a Division I team, in the final of the league’s A Cup tournament.

  • Teresa Schirrippa, who has vowed she’ll play contact flag football until she can no longer, has two torn rotator cuffs, which date to her East Hampton High School days, but won’t have them operated on until after the world flag football tournament in Israel is played next month.

  • The Shelter Island 10K is, and was especially this year, a living symbol of all that is right with America, a country that is not without its faults, but which at its best remains as inspiring as it ever was.

  • Having reportedly gone without sleep over the course of a daylong roundabout trip here from Flagstaff, Ariz., by way of Boston and Newark, Yonas Mebrahtu, 26, a native of Eritrea, won Saturday’s Shelter Island 10K in 29 minutes and 6 seconds, outkicking Kenya’s Isaac Kitur, 29, in the final yards on Fiske Field.

    Later, he said, tongue in cheek, that he might incorporate sleep deprivation into his training.

  • It was not so easy this time for the East Hampton Football Club to defeat Floral Park in a tournament final, but it did so by a score of 2-0 at Van Buren High School in Queens Sunday, running the under-30 team’s unbeaten string to 28-0.

    “I’ve been told we’re getting some sort of special award at our monthly meeting, but at the moment I don’t know what it is,” said Corey DeRosa, who, by default, had to double as East Hampton’s goalie and coach in the League Cup final.

  • The former Montauk Fire Department slow-pitch softball team, which went 20-0 last summer and which is sponsored by the Montauk Brewing Company now, improved its Montauk slow-pitch league record to 7-0 Monday as the result of defeating the Gig Shack 15-3.

    The Brewing Company, whose pitcher is Rob Nicoletti, presumably the league’s senior player, had two big innings, the first and the third, during which it scored a total of 9 runs.

  • Jason Szafarski, who coaches Montauk’s entry, the Mustangs, in the Hamptons Collegiate Baseball League, said Tuesday that Saturday’s 8-2 win over the league-leading Riverhead Tomcats had been “huge.”

    “We’re 2-0 against Riverhead now,” said Szafarski, evidence that the Mustangs, who were 6-9 as of that day, can play with anyone.

  • Sixty-six entrants competed in the Turbo Tri for adults at Maidstone Park in Springs on Saturday over the same course that the I-Tri program’s teenaged girls are to traverse in the Youth Triathlon on July 13.

    The race, which comprised a 300-yard bay swim, a 7-mile bike leg, and a 1.5-mile run, followed by a dinner catered by Panera Bread, was a fund-raiser for Theresa Roden’s “transformation through triathlon” I-Tri program.

  • “I play like you work,” I said the other day to Mary, who works very hard, and has precious little time to play, though I am encouraging her to become more like me — minus the neuroses of course.

    I am ashamed to admit that my work, by and large, is fun, so, while I would rather say to her, “I work like you play,” it is not so, at least at the moment, though she has been working out weekly with Rob Balnis at East End Physical Therapy, as I do, and we hit tennis balls whenever we both find ourselves free.

  • One of the most extraordinary runs in East Hampton sports history continued this past week as the East Hampton Football Club, which has walked over every Division 3 team it has played since last fall, won the D3 State Cup by defeating Floral Park 5-1, thus improving its record to 27-0.

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