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  •    While John Glenn’s Sarah Hardie finished first in last Thursday’s girls cross-country race at Indian Island County Park in Riverhead, East Hampton’s team won, by a score of 20-29.
        Dana Cebulski, a sophomore who became the first East Hampton girl to vie in a state cross-country meet last fall, was the runner-up to Hardie, in 20 minutes and 46 seconds, 24 seconds  behind the winner.

  •    I changed my voice mail message this morning, announcing my return from “cloud nine” and my intent to attend once again to all things sporting.
        When Debbie Salmon asked on my penultimate blissful day where I’d gone on my two-week vacation, I said, “Here.”
        “Ah,” she said, “you took a staycation.”

  •     All week leading up to Saturday’s homecoming football game with Southampton, the winner of which would take home the handsome silver Hampton Cup that was introduced into the rivalry by Bridgehampton National Bank in 1982, East Hampton High’s coaches fed the emotional fires, and came the big night, the Bonackers scorched their ancient foes 42-7 before a full house under the lights.

  •     Nine decades of East Hampton High School sports were celebrated Saturday morning when 12 athletes (5 of them deceased), 2 coaches, 2 teams, and The Star’s sportswriter were inducted into the high school’s Hall of Fame, as its inaugural class, following a breakfast for 400 in the school’s large glassed-in cafeteria.

  •    Besides football, three other Bonac teams — field hockey, boys soccer, and girls volleyball — celebrated homecoming victories this past weekend.

  •    Ryan Pilla, “the Car Doctor,” won both ends of a national sports car doubleheader at Watkins Glen over the course of a recent weekend, setting the track’s speed record for Mazdas in the process.
        “I’ve been racing all summer long, and I’ve always been in the top five,” Pilla said on his return, “though this is my biggest achievement — the Sports Car Club of America’s Mazda series has been contested since 1990, almost 23 years.”

  •    A friend of mine who has a friend in Vegas who’s a bookie told me an interesting story the other day.
        He said his bookie friend had said that if Romney and Ryan win, my friend should pay for his round of golf when they played there and take him and two of his friends out to dinner. Whereupon my friend said that, in the alternative, should Obama and Biden win, he expected his bookie friend, a devotee of Rush Limbaugh, to pay for his round of golf and to take him and two of his friends out to dinner.

  •    Saturday’s homecoming will mark the return of one of the oldest high school football rivalries on Long Island, the one between East Hampton and Southampton that dates to 1923, and will feature as well the induction of East Hampton High School’s first Hall of Fame class.

  •    Bill Barbour Jr., head coach of the East Hampton High School football team, and an assistant, Jason Menu, remember what it was like the last time an East Hampton team defeated a Southampton one.
        “It was a great feeling,” Barbour, who was the center in that game of 25 years ago, said following a recent preseason practice.
        “It was a low-scoring mudfest,” said Menu, who played a guard position. “It was fantastic.”

  •    To the marriage of true minds I admitted an impediment on our 28th anniversary, unaccountably forgetting to give Mary a card, a failure of the heart rendered all the more stark when I saw, in her card, that she’d opened her heart to me.
        The setting was tranquil, fittingly so for such an occasion, mother-of-pearl colors refracting luminously off white clouds while the sun went down behind a lone clammer in the harbor.

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