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  •     A handsome trophy and medals galore were on display at the American Legion Hall in Amagansett Friday night as the Y.M.C.A. East Hampton RECenter’s youth swim team’s members and their parents celebrated the team’s highest-ever finish (third) at a New York State meet.

  •     When I go, I’d like to go, as Montaigne said, “planting my cabbages,” which is to say either swept away by the one I love or, that failing, by the sure knowledge that I have swept away the opposition in a last rally at East Hampton Indoor.

  •     Jen Gatz, an exercise physiologist and doctoral candidate who teaches an Advanced Placement biology class at Patchogue-Medford High School, hopes a research study in which Theresa Roden’s I-Tri girls are to participate will validate her hypotheses that exercise improves problem-solving abilities, and that the consequent neurocognitive improvement can produce a change for the better in junior high girls’ attitudes toward the study of science.

  •     The athletic West family of East Hampton continues to make news: Ashley West, a sophomore at Susquehanna University, last weekend became a collegiate all-American, a rarity among Bonac athletes, and her younger brother, Nicholas, an East Hampton High School junior and all-state soccer player, raised $4,000 for the Wounded Warrior Project by completing 1,000 “burpees,” also known as squat thrusts, in an hour, 56 minutes, and 7 seconds.

  •     The East Hampton High School baseball and girls lacrosse teams scrimmaged Saturday — the baseball team here with Southampton, and the girls at Longwood. Softball was to have scrimmaged too, but the grounds crew told the coach, to his dismay, that the field was unplayable.

        “We’ve got to get out one of these days,” groused Lou Reale during a practice session in the gym. “These girls barely know where to throw the ball,” he said with a smile.

  •     No more whistling in the dark, the winter’s over. I’ve decreed it. Nothing but blue skies from now on.

        There will be a medal-conferring ceremony at Hook Mill for all those who stayed, the date and time to be announced.

        Saturday morning I went about singing, “I feel worthy, oh so worthy / I feel worthy and nervy and wry / And I pity / Anybody who hasn’t suffered as have I.”

  •     Among the some 50 youngsters who performed before a large crowd at the Buckskill Winter Club’s “Rock ’n’ Roll” ice show Saturday — the mildest day here in some months — were Brittni Svanberg, 18, and Claire Belhumeur, 14, who are ascending figure skating’s competitive ladder as they practice the year round.

  •     R.J. Etzel, who was one of East Hampton High School’s best athletes in the 1990s, has returned here from Miami, where he’s lived since 2005, to coach the high school’s varsity baseball team.

        The spot became open when it was learned that driver’s ed classes would be switched from school to after-school hours, thus making it impossible for the team’s veteran coach, Ed Bahns, to continue.

  •     Last year, the East Hampton High School softball team did not make the playoffs — a “first” in Lou Reale’s 30-year career, and at the time he said he wasn’t sure that he’d return.

        But he’s back, and once again focused, given the great amount of mentoring he’ll have to do to bring along a large number of players, some of whom, he said during a conversation Friday, “have no clue.”

  •     The Shelter Island boys and the Pierson girls lost high school playoff basketball games this past week, though the results did not dim their singular seasons during which Shelter Island won its first county championship ever and its first league championship since 1995, and Pierson won its first league title since 1992 and its first county championship since 2000.

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