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  •    Joe Vas, the East Hampton School District’s athletic director, was sanguine regarding spring during a preseason talk at his office Monday.
        “Sunny days from here on in,” he said. “It’s supposed to be in the 40s all this week. Let’s hope we’ve seen the last of the storms.”

  •    Coaches of youth sports programs at a special meeting of East Hampton’s school board Monday night convened to consider various fees attending the use of the district’s fields and gyms here on weekends claimed that added costs would effectively lessen participation, and would in time erode the competitiveness of Bonac’s teams.

  •     Whitney Reidlinger, a special education teacher at the Springs School, reported that the following East Hampton youngsters were gold medalists at a Special Olympics bowling tournament at the East Hampton Bowl Sunday:
        Paula Retana, of East Hampton, and Kerri Schleider, of Montauk, in the female ramp divisions; Isaiah Brodie, of East Hampton, in a male ramp division; Jennifer Brito, of East Hampton, in a female division, and Joshua Guaman, Oswald Duarte, Paul Anderson, and Bryan Chacon, all of East Hampton, in male divisions.

  •    “I felt so environmentally impoverished,” I said to Rusty Drumm, a Montauker, “as I drove the other day out of Montauk toward scruffy Springs.”
        “It’s God’s country,” he said.
        “You can say that again.”
        “It’s God’s country,” he said.

  •    Hayden Ward, a Montauker, whose basketball talent was called into question by his peers when he first arrived at East Hampton High School, has been named as the State University of New York Athletic Conference’s player of the year.

  •    Scorpion, a team led by Antonio Padilla, Mario Olaya, and Danny Bedoya, defeated the very competitive Virgen del Milagro entry, whose lineup included Missael Piadranarte and the league’s leading goal scorer, Marco Bautista, 3-1 in a hotly contested men’s open futsal final at the Sportime arena in Amagansett Saturday night.

  •    Now is the time for all worthy nominees to come the attention of East Hampton High School’s Hall of Fame committee, its chairman, Jim Nicoletti, said in so many words during a conversation Friday.
        “We want to keep the momentum going,” said Nicoletti, who oversaw the induction of the Hall’s first class at homecoming weekend last September, a day he aptly described at the time as “one of the greatest days in Bonac sports history.”

  •     Thomas Brierley and Trevor Mott, the first members of East Hampton High School’s boys swimming team ever to qualify for state meet competition, did well at this past weekend’s open meet at Webster-Schroeder High School outside Rochester.

  •    I’ve written of love recently, and of death. Is anything left? Ah, yes, Downton Abbey!
        We were without it for 24 hours during the blizzard, our Cablevision wire having been downed by heavy limbs, and I’m telling you the wait was torturous. There’s only so much reading you can do.

  •    Karin Padden, who lives on one of Montauk’s high hills, said during a recent conversation that she had decided to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, “the world’s tallest free-standing mountain,” as a way of celebrating her 50th birthday.
        It was also her way of saying that she, who has experienced much grief in the past several years, including the death of her husband, Robert M. Padden on Nov. 10, 2010, continues to love life and is not one to shrink from challenges.    

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