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  • “You’re quite the tennis player,” my younger opponent said the other night.

    Well, I would like to think so, but there’s much to do. Several times recently I’ve felt I was on the brink of mastering my serve, only to be disabused. Tim Ross says he has that got-it-nailed feeling with his golf swing at times only to have it vanish the next time out.

  • East Hampton High’s track teams jumped into spring with meets on April 1. The boys went to Miller Place that day for a tri-meet with that school and Amityville, and the girls played host to their strong Miller Place peers.

    Predictably, the Miller Place girls won, though Yani Cuesta’s charges were competitive, losing in the end by a score of 80-60. The boys, in turn, defeated Miller Place 72-64, but lost 90-57 to Amityville, “though it wasn’t due to a lack of effort,” Luis Morales, their coach, said in an email report.

  • Last month, Caroline Cashin and Dan Farnham, with their spouses — Ed in Caroline’s case and Sue in Dan’s — participated in the “Tour de France of Mountain-Biking,” an eight-day stage race in the mountains and valleys of southern Africa.

    “We averaged 70 miles and 7,000 feet of climbing per day — 500 miles in all,” said Farnham during a conversation this week.

  • The only game in town Monday was in Sag Harbor, behind Pierson High, and the good news was that it was played in springlike weather.

    The result, a 10-0 win by Babylon, was rather bad news, though Pierson was missing four starters, who presumably were in even warmer climes enjoying the weeklong spring break.

    Don McGovern, Pierson’s athletic director, and his counterpart at Babylon (which was missing three starters of its own) had agreed to play the game at a later date, but Section XI said no.

  • Despite the defections of three players and the loss of a fourth to shoulder surgery, Katie Helfand, who’s in her first season of coaching the East Hampton High School boys tennis team, expects her lineup to do well.

    Topped by Julian MacGurn, a junior who placed fourth in last year’s division tournament, the boys got off to a good start here on April 1, defeating Center Moriches 6-1, with only the fourth singles player, Ben Karlin, losing, in a 10-point third-set tiebreaker. East Hampton won the other matches in straight sets.

  • In the predawn hours before the boys basketball state final last week, I began thinking of possible headlines, assuming, of course, that the eight-time-champion Killer Bees would win a ninth title. Which they did, in fine fashion.

    “Bees on Cloud Nine”

    “Bees Swarm to the Task”

    “Beeline Made to Title”

    “Bees Awake and Sting”

    “How the Once Mighty Are Pollen”

    “Apidi, Apidae . . . How the Rout Goes On”

  • On Saturday afternoon wet wind-blown snow slanted across the mucky pitch at East Hampton’s Herrick Park — it was a perfect day for rugby.

    With the length of the near sideline filled with spectators, a good number of them Montauk Rugby Club vets — ostensibly retired in most cases, though, if you twisted their arms, they might suit up for one last go — the Sharks shut out their formidable foes from Brooklyn, 13-0, thus advancing to the second round of the playoffs, which are to continue through mid-May.

  • Jim Brooks, who kicked the extra points for East Hampton High’s championship football team in 1965, and Ken Collum tackled Bonac’s 92-year athletic history in a slide talk before fellow East Hampton Historical Society members at Clinton Academy Friday night, beginning with Pop Cheney’s checkered gridiron debut and ending with a screening — to everyone’s delight — of Abbott and Costello’s “Who’s on First?”

  • Foul weather has made a mess thus far of East Hampton High’s spring sports schedule, though, between the snow and rain, some teams saw action last week, with pretty good results.

    Lou Reale’s very young softball team played Harborfields at home Monday, and wound up winning 8-7. Earlier in the week, the girls lost 5-1 at Sayville. And considering that the team, which has only one senior starter, had been “in the gym the past month, we’re doing okay.”

  • The Y.M.C.A. East Hampton REC­enter’s youth swim team, the Hurricanes, placed fourth among 39 teams in the Y state meet at Eisenhower Park in East Meadow this past weekend, and, in so doing, broke four state meet records.

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