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  •    This day, with the sun glistening off the snow, is all the more beautiful because of the storm we’ve been through, a storm that was as punishing as the forecasters had said.

  •    The day of the league boys swimming meet, Craig Brierley and his son Thomas met with Sinead FitzGibbon, a well-respected physical therapist and endurance athlete here, concerning a sore shoulder.
        “An M.R.I. showed a minor stress fracture,” the elder Brierley said, “but Sinead said he was good to go. If she hadn’t given us the green light, I was prepared to shut him down. Strengthening exercises with her and stroke correction with me — as a coach your form is never good enough — should do it.”

  •    Shelter Island had a chance last Thursday to hail the first county-championship boys basketball team the tiny school district has ever had.
        When told of the possibility after Bridgehampton’s 53-40 win in the county Class D final at Westhampton Beach High School, Carl Johnson, the Killer Bees’ coach, who has played on and coached state-championship teams, said, “I’m glad they didn’t do it against me!”

  •    East Hampton High School’s boys and girls basketball teams went one-and-done in the county playoffs last week, though the boys, as has been their custom all season, fought to the end, and Kaelyn Ward, as also has been the case all season, played valiantly in her career finale.

  • I know one thing, having been married twice: It’s a crapshoot. That you have succeeded the second time (I’ve read that most second-timers don’t) has a lot to do with luck, though experience teaches you what to want.
  •    Lulu, an old cat, is still resident in my late mother-in-law’s sunny house, and we’re dutifully paying calls to feed her, though Mary worries that she might be lonely.
        It was unlikely, said Jane Callan. Cats aren’t like people. “Their number one question is ‘Who’s feeding me?’ Number two is ‘Do I have a soft, warm place to lie on?’ You might be number three. If you see to their food and comfort, you might be privileged enough to be tolerated.”

  •    For Steve Redlus, who played for the team that was on its way to a county championship in 1995 when a controversial downfield-blocking call on its tight end, Troy LaMonda, stifled a probable victory drive, realized a dream this week when he was named as East Hampton High’s varsity football coach, replacing Bill Barbour Jr., who recently resigned.

  •    East Hampton High School’s boys and girls basketball teams are to begin the playoffs this week, with the sixth-seeded boys playing at third-seeded Islip at 5 p.m. today, and with the fifth-seeded girls playing at fourth-seeded Islip tomorrow at the same time.

  •    Mike Ritsi was almost in Delaware in December on his way to Florida, where he hoped he would find work, when a call came in from Sportime’s general manager, Sue de Lara, whose help wanted ad in The Star he’d answered.
        He turned right around, the 28-year-old Montauk resident said during a conversation Friday, was interviewed, and was hired as the director of Sportime’s well-appointed multisport arena in Amagansett.

  •    We are in flux. Though we’d love to hold on to those whom we love, it can’t be done. That much of them lives on in us is the most we can hope for. The body is gone, though the spirit, to the extent that it was transmitted to us and to the extent that we received it, remains, and, in the end, it is only the spirit that is real, I think; as real as the grass, the trees, the rocks, the hills, and the sea.

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