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  •    The Beach Diplomats, a team got together by Chris Carney whose roster included a former Olympic decathlete from Ghana, Kofi Sekyiamah, wound up winning the Gurney’s Inn beach volleyball league’s finals last Thursday, coming back to best top-seeded Air and Speed 17-21, 21-16, 21-14.
        “It was great volleyball,” said Kathy McGeehan, the league’s founder and girls volleyball coach at East Hampton High School, who in the summertime works as a fitness instructor at Gurney’s Spa in Montauk.

  •    Among the Local Day ribbon winners from Alvin and Patsy Topping’s Swan Creek Farms in Bridgehampton were: Practical Magic, owned by Samantha Rudin Earls and ridden by Jagger Topping, champion, local professionals; Spring Fling, owned and ridden by Yvetta Rechler-Newman of Southampton, champion, local amateur owners; Red Drum, owned by Charlotte Maerov of East Hampton and ridden by Amanda Topping, first and fourth in local professionals.

  •     The race to raise the $35,000 needed so that about 40 Springs School seventh and eighth graders may continue to be combined with the middle school in certain sports has apparently been won.
        Mark Lappin, one of a half-dozen parents who, under the Springs Sports Booster Club aegis, began soliciting donations from businesses and individuals scarcely a month ago in the run-up to a Sept. 1 deadline, said during a conversation Sunday evening, “It’s definitely a go.”

  •     Caroline Cashin, with 120 pumps, which took the pressure off her in the subsequent run that spanned the Atlantic and Indian Wells Beaches in Amagansett, was the runner-up to Neil Falkenhan and set a record for women in the Body Tech and Old Montauk Athletic Club’s “Pump and Run” competition on Aug. 22.
        This year, “thanks to my workouts at [her husband Ed’s] Exceed Fitness studio” on Plank Road, Cashin chest-pressed the bar 120 times, 22 more repetitions than she did at the same event in 2011.

  •    Mary’s favorite show at the moment is “Newsroom,” but they speak so fast it takes me about half the hour to find out what it’s about.
        Don’t get me wrong, it is very good, but I think they’re all on speed. Either that, or I’m as dumb as I’ve always thought.

  •    Shanette Barth Cohen, the Hampton Classic’s executive director, who used to face a wall, has a corner office now, with a window, a door through which she can escape, and a low-slung guardian lapdog named Jackson, but she won’t feel entirely secure until Opening Day has come and gone without incident.

  •    Luis Mancilla, 21, a Springs resident who is better known locally as a Golden Gloves boxer, won Ellen’s Run in Southampton Sunday in a speedy time of 16 minutes and 39 seconds.
        After crossing the line, Mancilla, a 132-pounder who trains in Westbury, and who runs on his own, was told he’d undoubtedly be welcomed at John Conner’s track workouts on Monday and Wednesday evenings at East Hampton High School.

  •    With two of its collegiate contributors absent, having gone back for the fall semester, Groundworks Landscaping nevertheless swept perennial-champion Bostwick’s last week to win the East Hampton Town women’s slow-pitch league’s playoff championship.
        Bostwick’s (nee Cangiolosi’s) was looking for an unprecedented seventh straight trophy, but Groundworks dug deep for the win, its first ever in slow-pitch play.

  •    Thomas Brierley, a 16-year-old lifeguard who, as a sophomore, helped lead the East Hampton High School boys swimming team to its first winning season last winter, won the main event, the 2-miler, in Saturday’s East Hampton Volunteer Ocean Rescue Squad swims in choppy Gardiner’s Bay.

  •    John Ryan Sr. had, when the summer began, wanted very much for the East Hampton Volunteer Ocean Rescue Squad to come to a meeting of the minds with the resorts along the Napeague strip, which are not required by the Suffolk County Health Department to post lifeguards if they prohibit ocean swimming.

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