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  •     Tim Ensign, a 48-year-old visitor from Chattanooga, Tenn., and Justin Kulchinsky, 38, the owner of Mayfair Rocks, a jewelry store in East Hampton Village, were the winners of the Great Bonac 10 and 5K races in Springs Monday.

  •     The Mighty Hamptons Triathlon will celebrate its 30th anniversary when 1,000-plus competitors in the swim-bike-run event plunge into Noyac Bay at Sag Harbor’s Long Beach at 6:40 a.m. Sunday.
        John Howard, the 1981 Ironman champion and a renowned ultra cycler who holds the 24-hour drafting record of 539 miles and cycling’s world absolute speed record of 152.2 miles per hour, as well as the American Canoe Association’s world 24-hour record, is expected to be there as a member of a relay team.

  •     There were four teenaged riders in Sunday’s Grand Prix, three of them from California, though the one from the East, Katie Dinan, 18, has this country’s — and some would say the world’s — best rider, McLain Ward, as her mentor.

  •     I have in hand the LIPA newsletter that accompanied this month’s bill, and I want to share some of it with you (especially you who have been without power these last six days, as has been the case with me and, from what I can gather, numerous other working stiffs in Springs).
        Interestingly, the newsletter has as its heading, “LIPA Is Prepared for Hurricane Season, Are You?”

  •     “The end is near, the end is near!” I said, running through the village last Thursday afternoon on the way to East Hampton Wines to buy a three-day supply of Mudhouse’s sauvignon blanc.
        What else? A whistle. Newsday said in its preparedness list that I should have one. It’s more impressive if you have a whistle when you run through the village shouting “The end is near (Tweet)! The end is near (Tweet)!”

  •     Ryan Pilla’s Car Doctor World garage is on Scuttlehole Road, not far from the late lamented Bridgehampton Race Circuit (now a golf course) where in the 1950s, ’60s, and ’70s, the top sports car drivers in the world used to gather.

  •      Marty Bauman, the Hampton Classic’s press officer, was on the Bridgehampton showgrounds at 5:30 a.m. Monday, as were scores of workers and volunteers, who by midmorning had most of the some 100 tents that had been taken down in advance of Hurricane Irene’s arrival back up.
        “It’s been unbelievable, incredible,” Bauman said of the effort. “It shows you what happens when everyone pitches in. We told the competitors that there were to be no horses here until Tuesday.”

  •     Albert Woods, an 82-year-old swimmer who was named the Old Montauk Athletic Club’s athlete-of-the-year at its December awards dinner, feting the fact that he had as an 81-year-old won six national championships, has done it again.

  •     Forewarned regarding Hurricane Irene, Shanette Barth Cohen, the Hampton Classic’s executive director, on Friday announced the cancellation of Opening Day, which was to have been Sunday, and resolved to restart the ordinarily weeklong hunter-jumper show on Wednesday, Aug. 31.

  • Forewarned regarding Hurricane Irene, the Hampton Classic's horse show's executive director on Friday announced the cancellation of Opening Day, which was to have been Sunday, and resolved to restart the ordinarily-weeklong hunter-jumper show on Wednesday, Aug. 31.

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