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  •    The 18th running of Ellen’s Run, a popular road race founded by Dr. Julie Ratner in memory of her late sister, Ellen P. Hermanson, whose death was caused by breast cancer, was won by Robert Beit, 19, one of three proteges Cliff Clark took to Southampton Sunday morning from Shelter Island.

  •    I think I’ve finally made my fortune: I’ve come up with an anti-raging pill that preliminary tests have shown lasts a full 48 hours.
        There are, of course, some side effects, none really serious like death, though if you remain inordinately compassionate for more than the prescribed length of time you might consider calling a doctor.

  •    Corey DeRosa and John Romero are putting together what promise to be very strong men’s soccer entries in amateur Islandwide and county competition, but not long ago DeRosa thought that while Ashtanga yoga practice had succeeded in healing a stress fracture of his spine, he would probably never play soccer again.

  •    The Miss Amelia’s Cottage 2-mile road race Sunday attracted 36 entrants, about a quarter of them members of Diana Fitzpatrick’s family.
        And the times they were good. Before the race began on Old Stone Highway near the Amagansett railroad station Kevin Barry, who helped Sharon McCobb oversee it, predicted that Jack Link, one of his cross-country runners at East Hampton High School, would win.

  •    The Artists and Writers Softball Game and Ellen’s Run are to be contested this weekend — the Game at East Hampton’s Herrick Park on Saturday afternoon, and the Run, a fund-raiser for breast cancer care and research, at Southampton Hospital’s Parrish Hall Sunday morning.
        Leif Hope, the popular softball game’s impresario, said that a recent Guild Hall exhibition of works by those who’ve played in the Game over the past 65 years had been very well received.

  •    Gordon Grant, one of our neighbors, says now that our driveway’s fixed his kids will no longer have to wear waders when they come over on Halloween.
        Could it have been that that great system of lakes, seemingly scoured out by the retreat of the last glacier, was off-putting? I had never meant to give offense.
        “See,” I said to Mary the last time she complained of it, “one of the puddles is shaped in the form of a heart! Have you no concern for the environment?”

  •    The Mighty Midgetts powered their way to a repeat win this past weekend in the Travis Field memorial slow-pitch softball tournament, which was contested by 15 entries over the course of four days.
        A team put together by Brian Midgett of East Hampton, the Midgetts, boasted some impressive power hitters, one of whom, Neil Hagland, a lefty from Lake Grove, launched what Eddie Bahns said was the longest home run he’d ever seen at the Terry King ball field.

  •    Lynne Cox, whose two record-breaking crossings of the English Channel when she was 15 and 16 years old served as a prelude to an astounding open water career during which she has conquered the Bering Strait, the Straits of Magellan and Gibraltar, the Cape of Good Hope, and the Catalina Channel, among other daunting challenges, was here Sunday, signing copies at the Gubbins New Balance store of her “Open Water Swimming Manual: An Expert’s Survival Guide for Triathletes and Open Water Swimmers.”

  •     A team of 11 lifeguards from East Hampton trained by Katie Osiecki placed third among 27 teams in the all-female National Parks Service tournament at Sandy Hook, N.J., on July 31.
        “The teams came from up and down the Eastern Seaboard,” John McGeehan said in reporting the results.
        Lucy Kohlhoff won the beach flags competition and Kira Garry won in the distance run. Amanda Calabrese was the runner-up in the run-paddle-run event and, with Katrina Garry, Kohlhoff, and Paige Duca, second in the run relay.

  •    Elizabeth Kotz recently put me on to Electro Mix, little packets of minerals — heavy metals, her husband, Steve, told me — that I have found to be quite effective when playing tennis in humid heat.

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