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  •    Though the East Hampton High School boys basketball team was missing two key players — Juan Cuevas, who starts, and Rolando Garces, the valuable sixth man — Bill McKee, the Bonackers’ coach, said during a conversation the day following a disappointing 56-55 loss at Shoreham-Wading River that “we just didn’t, for whatever reason, play well — we didn’t lose because Juan and Rolando weren’t there.”

  •    The honors keep coming in for Ed Petrie, New York State’s winningest public high school boys basketball coach, though the latest, in the form of his induction into his high school’s Hall of Fame, was a long time in coming.

  •     The East Hampton High School boys swimming team evened its league record with a 99-85 win at Huntington this past week.
        While Huntington had a state-record-holding swimmer, Gunther Cassel, in its lineup, and had divers to boot, East Hampton’s depth turned the tide.

  •    Since a well-regulated militia is no longer necessary to the security of our free state — the National Guard and well-regulated police forces ought to be ample in that regard — why should not the right to bear arms be infringed?
        It would be wonderful to have in place of the Second Amendment one that reads, “A well-educated populace being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of students to be kept out of harm’s way shall not be infringed.”

  •     As 2012 began, Dr. Paul Weinhold, a sports psychologist, said that “The best are confident — in any sport. They’re not adding an enormous amount of pressure on themselves because they’ve already incorporated into themselves the knowledge that they will not always be perfect. It makes no difference whether you’re an athlete or a surgeon or a musician. . . . They want to be focused, confident, to quiet the mind.”

  •    I care not what others may say, I love steroids. Some were shot into me — my left shoulder — the other day, and the day after that I felt 20 years younger. And Henry, who got a contact high, had a spring in his step too.

  •    The East Hampton High School boys basketball team lost its first game of the season Friday as the Dalton School, sporting a formidable point guard and a 6-foot-5-inch center, prevailed over the Bonackers 64-54 in the first round of the Southampton Recreation Center’s Holiday Classic tournament.
        Bill McKee’s team, which had gone into the tourney with a 6-0 record, played hard, but Dalton’s energetic man-for-man defense made the Bonackers work hard for their shots.

  •    Pat Hand, who coaches East Hampton High School’s bowling team, confessed after Dec. 18’s big win here over Eastport-South Manor, the defending league champion, that she had been pleasantly surprised.
        The Sharks, after all, had been racking up some 1,000-plus-point games, while East Hampton’s best game as of that day had been a 934.

  •    It took about 10 minutes for East Hampton High School’s boys basketball team to warm up in a league game played here on Dec. 19 with Miller Place.
        A steal by Rolando Garces early in the second quarter that Thomas Nelson followed with a fast-break layup, and a subsequent coast-to-coast drive by Garces, following a steal by Nelson, got the blood flowing, and from that point on the Bonackers, who improved to 6-0 as a result of the 60-39 win, were in the driver’s seat.

  •    When I asked her to explain WiFi for me — and, for that matter, anything else that had to do with airy nothing that has found local habitations and names in the Internet, PCs, iPhones, et cetera — Mary was helpful, but not altogether enlightening.
        “It’s all a mystery to me,” I said. “Like the afterlife.”
        “How do you know there is an afterlife?” she said. “At least we know there is such a thing as WiFi.”

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