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  • With an application in the works by East Hampton Town for a state permit to install four-poster deer feeding stations, the East Hampton Deer and Tick Management Foundation will hold a forum on the stations on Sunday from 4 to 6 p.m. at Babette’s restaurant in East Hampton. Refreshments will be served.

  • East Hampton Town

    Montauk Beach: Easements Are In
    East Hampton Town has obtained all of the needed agreements from the owners of Montauk properties along the downtown shore where the Army Corps of Engineers plans to build a reinforced sand dune.

  • Should Valentine’s Day bring a desire to look into the eyes of a loved one across a restaurant table, the annual lineup of eateries offering holiday specials includes the following.

  • An aviation group that has filed a complaint with the Federal Aviation Administration and a federal lawsuit challenging the recent expiration of agreements with the F.A.A. about how the airport is run.
  • The year-round curfew, from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m., would affect all flights into or out of the airport and extend from 8 p.m. to 9 a.m. for aircraft defined as "noisy," based on metrics used by the Federal Aviation Administration and international regulatory agencies.
  • Two Springs delis are getting new leases on life, with both being given opportunities to carry on although one is passing out of the family that founded it more than five decades ago.

    An “angel buyer” is in contract to buy the Springs General Store, Kristi Hood, who runs the deli and catering business there, said this week. Ms. Hood was set to close up shop when her current lease expires in May, but said the purchasers, whom she did not name, would like her to stay.

  • East Hampton Town is moving to acquire, through eminent domain, disputed beachfront on Napeague.
  • New initiatives and an increased focus at Town Hall on ordinance enforcement and reducing the quality-of-life problems that result from chronic violation of East Hampton’s codes appear to have had an impact in 2014.
  • Close to $1 million from East Hampton’s community preservation fund is to be allocated to restoration work at several historic sites this year, according to a draft budget that was the subject of a Jan. 15 town board hearing.

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  • An electric-vehicle charging station, newly installed at East Hampton Town Hall, will be unveiled at 9 a.m. Friday at an event sponsored by the town board and the Natural Resources Department. The public has been invited.

    The station is in front of the police annex at the town hall campus on Pantigo Road. It use will be demonstrated, using electric vehicles provided by Buzz Chew Chevrolet and Tesla Motors, whose representatives will be on hand to answer technical questions.

  • East Hampton Town will provide trash bags and gloves to volunteers pitching in on Saturday for the Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup Day.

    Individuals and groups have been invited to collect trash on any beach. Participants will be asked to fill out an Ocean Conservancy data collection form, which the town will provide, to record the type of debris found. The information will be used by the organization to identify debris “hotspots” and issues, raise awareness, and help communities adopt policies that will contribute to cleaner oceans.

  •      A dynamic trio of East End songstresses, Nancy Atlas, Caroline Doctorow, and Inda Eaton, rocked a sold-out Bay Street Theatre on Saturday night for "Way Out East," the East Coast precursor to an upcoming mini-tour out west.

  •    A fishing fly is a kind of mystical thing, Eric Steel said. "It's one bit of fantasy, and bits and pieces and a hook, all tied together."