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  • Almond Restaurant has been a part of our community, specifically Bridgehampton, for 15 years, a staggering accomplishment in an environment where restaurants open and close every season. The owners and business partners, Eric Lemonides and Jason Weiner, the chef, have been friends since they were 5 and 6 growing up in Brooklyn.
  • Almond’s Brussels Sprouts
  • What are you supposed to do when you are trying ever so hard to stick to a nutritious diet and you travel a lot? At home, every aspect of what you eat is under your control. When traveling, almost none of it is. Interestingly, it seems like airport terminals have gotten better about offering healthful choices (hummus, sushi, fresh fruit), but the airlines have gotten worse.
  • Kurt Vonnegut once said of critics: “He or she is like a person who has put on full armor and attacked a hot fudge sundae or banana split.” As a restaurant reviewer, my job is to literally attack that hot fudge sundae or banana split. And then to analyze it, take into account my guests’ opinions of it, deconstruct its components, contemplate its freshness, price, presentation, and finally to praise or criticize it.
  • St. Patrick’s Day has turned into a silly affair in this country. What began as a religious holiday in Ireland has morphed into an excuse to get buckled, fluthered, ossified, scuttered, and stocious on green beer. There, you just learned some Irish slang for getting drunk. Needless to say, my people have a lot of terms for this national pastime.
  • All of these recipes are from Cathal Armstrong’s “My Irish Table.”
  • Breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day. Or is it?! You can read studies supporting this theory, and you can find research that refutes it. It definitely makes sense for children.
  • This is my recipe for granola based on one from Alta, Utah. They do a lot of skiing out there so a high-fat, high-fiber, high-energy breakfast is considered a good thing. Serve this with milk or yogurt and any fresh fruit on top. Berries are delicious. This will keep for a few weeks in the refrigerator, but I usually store it in the freezer.
  • Would it be all Rachel Dolezal of me to write about African-American chefs and cooks? Every year during Black History Month it seems there are no books, articles, shows, movies, anything, about the contribution of black chefs throughout our history. There should be a museum, a comprehensive historical compendium, something. Having previously dedicated a whole column to my idol, Edna Lewis, her “Taste of Country Cooking” and numerous accomplishments, it’s time to focus on some other significant African-Americans who have contributed greatly to the cuisine of our country. It is a fact that every president who has lived and worked in the White House was cooked for and served by African-Americans. There was a brief blip on the radar, of Jackie Kennedy firing the kitchen staff and bringing in all French chefs, but this changed back immediately when Lyndon Johnson became president. He brought along with him Zephyr Wright, who cooked for his family from 1942 to 1969. He consulted her on th

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  • The following is excerpted from Laura Donnelly's restaurant review in this week's Star. More ideas for meals on the go can be found in the Star's Restaurant Guide:

    It's Columbus Day weekend AND the Hamptons International Film Festival is on the East End so I know all of you ladies and gentlemen and black-clad cinephiles want to know where to eat. With movies being shown in 6 locations from Southampton to Montauk your dining options are plentiful.