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  • Brussels Sprouts Braised With Apple and Bacon
        This recipe is from my dear friend, the prolific cookbook author and East Hampton resident Jim Villas. It comes from his “The Bacon Cookbook.” Bacon will make anything taste better, even Brussels sprouts!
        Serves four to six.

    1 qt. fresh Brussels sprouts
    2 slices lean hickory-smoked bacon, cut into small pieces (or use pancetta bacon)
    1 Tbsp. butter
    1 cooking apple, cored and cut into chunks

  •     I have great memories of family Thanksgivings. Of course, in the good old days, the women did all the cooking while the menfolk watched football. Afterward, as we all digested and got a bit slowed down by the big meal, the gents would return to the den to watch yet more football and the women would gingerly wash all the silver and special plates and glasses that only came out for this one day a year.

  • Boa Thai
    129 Noyac Road
    North Sea
    Dinner nightly, closed Tuesdays

  • Thai Pumpkin Soup
        I found this recipe on one of the gazillion Web sites featuring pumpkin.
        Serves four.
    1 Tbsp. vegetable oil
    1 Tbsp. butter
    1 clove garlic, chopped
    4 shallots, chopped
    2 small fresh red chili peppers, chopped (I recommend deseeding)
    1 Tbsp. chopped lemongrass (or substitute grated lemon zest)
    21/4 cups chicken broth
    4 cups peeled and diced pumpkin
    11/2 cups coconut milk
    3/4 cup fresh basil leaves, chopped

  •     I have always loved Halloween. I love candy, I love being scared, and I love to wear costumes. Growing up in a small community in California, when our family went trick or treating, my brothers and I, all hopped up on sugar, would walk or run door to door and our parents would trail behind in the family station wagon. We knew all of our neighbors, and would end up at the Kuntsles’ house, our Swiss friends who would have an awesome Halloween party with popcorn balls and plenty of games like bobbing for apples.

  • Beverly’s Chicken Chili
        Let’s begin with this chili, which can certainly be included as a casserole . . . if you have any left over!
        I’m guessing this serves six to eight.
    Olive oil
    1 onion, chopped
    1 fennel bulb, chopped
    Fresh red chili pepper, seeded and minced
    1 lb. Italian sausage
    1 lb. boneless chicken, cubed
    2 cups chicken broth
    1 cup crushed tomatoes
    1/4 cup tomato paste
    1 Tbsp. balsamic vinegar
    1 Tbsp. cumin

  •     It’s that time of year . . . kind of. One day it’s 70 degrees, next day it’s 42. This puts me in the mood for casseroles. Hearty or light, rich or delicate, it’s a good time to utilize the end-of-season corn and tomatoes and incorporate them into whatever kind of casserole, stew, or chili you like.
        It could be a rich, cheesy penne dish like one from the famous Al Forno restaurant in Providence, R.I., or the light and spicy chicken chili recipe that I wrestled from my good friend Beverly Kazickas.

  •    The very much anticipated Topping Rose House is finally open. The meticulously renovated and restored former Bull’s Head Inn is not completely finished but the restaurant is up and running, smoothly and beautifully.

  • Vietnamese Chicken
        This is a recipe I kind of made up, trying to imagine Vietnamese ingredients. You should garnish this with chopped scallions, cilantro, and wedges of lime. Use big Ziploc bags for marinating.
        Serves two hungry people, with leftovers for salad.

    2 chicken breasts
    2 chicken thighs
    2 Tbsp. minced ginger
    2 Tbsp. minced garlic
    1 tsp. crushed red pepper flakes
    1/4 cup soy sauce
    1 Tbsp. Asian fish sauce

  •     I moved recently from East Hampton Village to Sag Harbor. All of my friends think I should miss my oceanfront childhood home but I really don’t. I now have my dream kitchen. It’s big enough for a table that will seat six, it has a fireplace, and there’s a six-burner Garland stove, a dishwasher (a small luxury I have been living without for two years), and windows galore.

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  • The following is excerpted from Laura Donnelly's restaurant review in this week's Star. More ideas for meals on the go can be found in the Star's Restaurant Guide:

    It's Columbus Day weekend AND the Hamptons International Film Festival is on the East End so I know all of you ladies and gentlemen and black-clad cinephiles want to know where to eat. With movies being shown in 6 locations from Southampton to Montauk your dining options are plentiful.