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  •     Keeping a weather eye can be a challenge in these parts, especially as the seasons change. Anglers who have begun the process of getting rods, reels, boats, and trailers out of mothballs might also think about getting back in touch with the weather gods.

  •    The Ides of March, the days on and around March 15, were the start of the new year on the ancient Roman calendar. It was considered a propitious time full of promise unless you happened to be Julius Caesar, or the old men back in ancient Greece — long before Medicare — who were first dressed in animal skins, then beaten, and finally driven from town to celebrate the expulsion of the old year.

  • The East Hampton Town Trustees have been working overtime to respond to the ever-increasing number of applications from homeowners wishing to hold back the sea.
  • A bill sponsored by two East End legislators that aims to help commercial fishermen reduce their fuel costs is facing strong headwinds.
  • Shared responsibility and a town fund recommended
  • Two former East Hampton Town fire marshals have come forward to question the authenticity of documents attributed to them that were used to justify the town’s seizure of cars and equipment from a Montauk mechanic in 2009.
  • Officials to ask Army Corps for $20 million
  •     As if by magic — though in reality it took an indomitable spirit, tireless cajoling, and a deep belief in music’s universal value — Ruth Widder routinely transformed the folding chairs and wooden bleachers of the Montauk School gymnasium into Lincoln Center for over two decades and counting.

  • Pressure to rebuild Montauk’s downtown beaches is so great that East Hampton Town’s coastal erosion committee floated the idea of exporting sand from other parts of town.
  •     The Montauk Lake Club and Marina on East Lake Drive in Montauk and the club’s contractor, Seacoast Marine Construction of Sayville, have been fined $50,000 by the State Department of Environmental Conservation for exceeding the permitted limits of the dredging project earlier this year.

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