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  • Happy World was the name of a Unification Church tuna fishing and shipping business, which began in Gloucester, and was a presence at the Montauk docks.
  •     The United States Department of Commerce issued a disaster declaration last Thursday for New York State’s fishing communities, one that could pave the way for financial relief for hard-pressed commercial fishermen.

  •    It seems tuna of all kinds and sizes have decided to approach Long Island in great numbers. Carl Darenberg of the Montauk Marine Basin, a man who’s been around sport fishing his whole life, said the run of bigeye tuna experienced by hundreds of fishermen last week was the largest he had ever seen.

  •    The man walks toward me on Kalakaua Avenue, a tall man, and straight. His progress is halting. Three steps forward and stop, then another three and stop. His hair is past shoulder length, matted and gray like his beard. His clothes are threadbare, the color of soot, and look not to have left his body for weeks, perhaps months. He comes to rest, as he does each day, beside a big banyan, beneath one of the tree’s descending aerial prop roots with a look that sees nothing.

  •     The Georgica Association has told the East Hampton Town Trustees they may no longer use the association-owned beach between Beach Lane and the Georgica Pond gut. The stretch has been the traditional access for trucks and excavators used to lett, or open, the pond to the ocean in the spring and fall of the year.

  •    Sighs, and other expostulations of relief from the summer hordes, are being heard on either side of Block Island Sound, and from locals getting down to the pleasures of early fall, including the annual spate of fishing tournaments.

  •    A surf contest is a crap shoot in that it is dependent on ocean swells that in turn depend on distant storms formed by weather patterns controlled by sun spots, upper atmospheric winds, global warming, and ultimately by Kahuna, god of surf.

  •     In the words of Chris Miller of the West Lake Marina, “the fish have moved back to Montauk.” Miller was speaking of striped bass, big ones. There was a 50-pounder brought to the scales and a number of stripers in the 30 to 40-pound range.
        After last fall’s shortage of large fish, organizers of the annual Montauk SurfMasters Fall Classic hope the bass stick around for a while.

  • Proposed amendments to 11 chapters of the East Hampton Town Code will come up for public hearing next Thursday, starting at 7 p.m., in East Hampton Town Hall.
  •     During a discussion last week at their August meeting, the East Hampton Town Trustees decided to once again deny the Devon Yacht Club’s application to create a “deposition basin,” a hole on the beach to fill with sand excavated from its marina inlet. The project had approvals from the zoning board of appeals and the Army Corps of Engineers.

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