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  •     A crew from the Montauk Coast Guard station saved a large leatherback sea turtle that had become entangled in line from a lobster pot trawl off Montauk on July 11.
        “They did a great job. It was a pleasure to work with them,” said Kim Durham, a biologist with the Riverhead Foundation for Ocean Research and Preservation.

  •    The sloop Leilani ventured west out of Montauk Harbor on Sunday to the waters off Eastern Plains Point on Gardiner’s Island in search of the dinner plate-size porgies said to lurk in the area.
        A two-hook porgy rig, clam baits, bucket, fillet knife, cutting board — all the ingredients for a successful venture were on board. Leilani tacked into a weak west wind and a stronger outgoing tide — slow going.

  •    There are a few basic rules if you want to go into business: Pick something that people want or need, with a strong track record (7,000 years is good), and with an immediate following willing to serve as your guinea pig/test pilots.
        The latter precludes the funeral business, which leaves only beer.

  •     In an impassioned address before the East Hampton Town Board last Thursday, Lawrence Kelly, a former federal prosecutor who filed a $55 million civil rights action against the town in May on behalf of a Montauk mechanic, warned board members that East Hampton faced a “financial Armageddon” in the form of a storm of lawsuits brewing just over the horizon.

  •     The sloop Leilani ventured east from Montauk Harbor early in the afternoon on Sunday, arriving in the cove off Oyster Pond at dead high tide. White clouds of screaming terns hovered and dived over schools of fish.

  • The General Services Administration is auctioning off two lighthouses in our neck of the woods. Bids, starting at $10,000, are now being accepted
  •     The Cornell Cooperative Extension’s marine program has received two grants, one to further its work to bring back this area’s scallop industry, the other to determine if there is more than a single monkfish population along the East Coast.
        In 2005, in cooperation with Long Island University, Cornell Cooperative Extension’s marine program created protected areas that have helped to increase the success of bay scallops’ spawning seasons.

  •    The big striped bass are here. Star Island Yacht Club has reported that three bass over 50 pounds were weighed in during the past week.
        Scott Leonard, who runs the tackle section of the Yacht Club’s store, caught a 60.4-pounder on June 26. On Friday, Mike Ajello, fishing aboard the Susan A, reeled up a bass weighing 56.3 pounds, and on Sunday Anthony Vaccaro caught a 50.7-pound bass.

  •     Not everyone played Ping-Pong with Leona Helmsley and lived to tell about it. No, she wasn’t quite that dangerous, said Brian Leaver, but she lived up to her infamous reputation more often than not. He and his brother, Rusty, rubbed elbows, gingerly, with Ms. Helmsley while working in her Greenwich, Conn., mansion.

  • Any plan for an engineered beach, paid for by taxpayers — such as that called for in the Corps plan of first choice, which would maintain the beach at Soundview, in addition to dredging — must be accessible to the general public.

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