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  • The Securities and Exchange Commission filed charges Monday in a $74 million fraud case involving an Old Westbury financial adviser who had, in part, sought to save the Panoramic View Oceanside Resort from foreclosure.
  • Capt. Robert E. Huser died at Southampton Hospital on Tuesday of complications from cancer. He was 69.
  •     Montauk’s fishing community was saddened by the death of Bobby Huser on Monday. Most will picture him at the wheel of his classic Nova Scotia-style lobster boat, Teddy Boy. The Muskrat, as he was known, was a popular presence on the Montauk docks for decades. He will be sorely missed.

  •    It’s just conjecture, but an early recreational fishing season seems possible given a number of signs, including the recent discovery by commercial draggers of a sizable number of porgies in 26 fathoms of water, relatively close to shore. The question is, will the fish arrive early, or did they never leave?

  •    What’s the recipe for a myth? There’s no one formula, of course, but it seems as though gods or super-motivated humans are usually involved. Someone keeps rolling a stone up a hill, or makes fire, kisses a frog into a prince, gets swallowed by a whale, procreates, dies, gets reborn. A good myth usually requires a powerful natural or supernatural force.
        The modern myth is trickier, especially in the supernatural department. It can be harder to recognize in the present, but they do exist and reveal themselves with time.

  • A Montauk residents 11 year crusade to found a Native American museum.
  •     On Jan. 31, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration declared the Atlantic sturgeon an endangered species. Both industry leaders and fishery regulators oppose the listing, saying it will have a severe impact on a number of fisheries, the near-shore gillnet fisheries for striped bass, bluefish, and monkfish in particular.

  • East Hampton Town Trustees are concerned that the beach is eroding in two directions: from the seaward side due to the ocean’s rise and intermittent storm surges, as well as from the landward side via creeping sand fences put up by beachfront homeowners.
  •    At 8 p.m. tonight, Montauk, and a notable number of the hamlet’s standouts, including the surfcaster Gary (Toad) Stephens, Capt. Amanda Switzer, the Miss Montauk party boat, Jenny Meadows, chef at the Fishbar, Todd Mitgang of South Edison restaurant, and last but not least, Paul Melnyk, king of “skishing,” will be featured in the premiere of Ben Sargent’s “Hook, Line, and Dinner,” a Cooking Channel presentation.

  • Last week, the Town of East Hampton was poised to remove the lien it applied to a property on Montauk’s Fort Pond Bay.

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