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  •    At 8 p.m. tonight, Montauk, and a notable number of the hamlet’s standouts, including the surfcaster Gary (Toad) Stephens, Capt. Amanda Switzer, the Miss Montauk party boat, Jenny Meadows, chef at the Fishbar, Todd Mitgang of South Edison restaurant, and last but not least, Paul Melnyk, king of “skishing,” will be featured in the premiere of Ben Sargent’s “Hook, Line, and Dinner,” a Cooking Channel presentation.

  • Last week, the Town of East Hampton was poised to remove the lien it applied to a property on Montauk’s Fort Pond Bay.
  •     On May 25, 1994, Larry Keller Jr. dug deep. He visualized how he was going to wind himself up as though compressing the coils of a spring back through time to ancient Greece, coiling his powerful body the way they did during the first Olympic Games. He used his mind to project the way he would uncoil and send the discus flying into the present.
        The throw came during a county championship meet. It was the longest discus toss in New York State that year, 172 feet and 7.5 inches, and it remains the East Hampton High School record.

  • Downed trees, gnaw marks, wood shavings point to new resident in Hither Woods
  • Congress Hall, once owned by Fishhooks Mulford, has many stories to tell
  •     As a condition of an East Hampton Town Trustee okay to repair a rock revetment in front of his oceanfront property back in 2006, William Rayner of West End Road promised to keep it covered with sand. This he has done, and he has a trustee permit to do the same early next month. And the gods of bureaucracy have smiled on the project.

  •    The ocean smoked early on the morning of Jan. 15 as it relinquished the last of its summertime heat to 19-degree air. At Ditch Plain in Montauk, Steve White paddled into an ankle-snapper (small wave) and rode it to shore, a sight that would have spawned a myth 100 years ago.
        White wore a black Patagonia wetsuit, five millimeters thick, lined with merino wool, and with an attached hood. His boots and gloves were of seven-millimeter neoprene, a knight in state-of-the-art armor — almost.

  • The weather has been exceptionally good for January, the deer herd bigger and the harvest has been low.
  • In their first meeting of 2012, members of East Hampton Town’s ad hoc fisheries committee voted to recommend that the town board reappoint Arnold Leo, secretary of the East Hampton Town Baymen’s Association, to act as its consultant.
  • Jonathan Russo of Shelter Island was the winner of the East End Classic Boat Society’s 2011 fund-raising raffle.

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