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  •     Thanksgiving is perhaps the one holiday that has not yet had its meaning sucked from it by commercial vampires, at least not here on the East End. Maybe because of the wild turkeys grazing along the side of the road.
        Certainly nature’s bounty in the form of striped bass, scallops, ducks, herring, deer, deer, and more deer, cauliflower, squash, brussels sprouts, and cranberries — if you know where the bogs lie — helps.

  • Five hurt fighting blaze at Hampton Market Place
  • November is offering up some hopeful news in the closely-related worlds of both commercial and recreational fisheries.
  • On Sunday, just when it seemed the surfcasting season was over, boaters began finding striped bass feeding on schools of herring
  • During the first week of an emergency dredging of the Montauk Harbor Inlet, a number of boats struck the 12-inch diameter pipe that transports sand from the dredge.
  • The current board of nine East Hampton Town Trustees has faced serious threats to its autonomy from both nature and residents of oceanfront property
  • On Oct. 26, East Hampton Town Justice Lisa R. Rana dismissed all charges against an Amagansett brother and sister who make their living on the bay.
  • “However ridiculous it may sound to have a queen, the pound is worth more than our dollar,” was Harvey Bennett’s way of announcing that the British were not only coming, they are here.
  • The Coast Guard is considering the Lighthouse committee’s request to bring back an exact replica of the Fresnel lens.
  •     A ledger has recently come to light, a kind of logbook that chronicled the day-to-day activities at the Ditch Plain, Montauk, lifesaving station during the five-year period from 1873 to 1878. Trouble is, you will have to go to Southold to see it.
        The Southold Historical Society purchased the ledger for its Horton Point Lighthouse Museum after it was offered for sale by a private collector.

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