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  •     Lake Montauk is full of beautiful moon jellyfish, transparent disks of about five inches in diameter. Four pinkish rings are visible within the transparent bell of Aurelia aurita. The jellies do not swim, beyond flexing their bells to produce an upward thrust. Mostly, they are carried by the tide.

  • On Thursday, for the second time in five days, the dive charter boat John Jack returned to Montauk with the body of a diver who died while on a shipwreck exploration cruise.
  • Dozens of people lined the dunes to watch as the body of the sperm whale calf was carried over the rocks and down the beach at Ditch Plain in Montauk
  • Paul Lester and his sister, Kelly Lester, of Amagansett were issued summonses earlier this month by state conservation officers alleging fishery violations.
  •     It could be squid were the reason a large number of dolphin were seen cruising around Fort Pond Bay in Montauk over the weekend. Squid made a good showing in Gardiner’s Bay to the west, too.
        Big bluefish, which have not made their usual presence in Gardiner’s Bay so far this season, have finally shown up off the Three Mile Harbor jetties. Again, they may have chased the squid in.

  • A yearling sperm whale calf that was found stranded on the rocks in Montauk Saturday was not expected to survive.
  • Advocate wants to know about obstacles facing the handicapped.
  • It’s the old story, the big boys coming in and taking over, the small guys struggling to stay alive.
  •     This is a good time to confront fishermen’s fear of bananas, that is, the reason they are never brought aboard a boat, any boat, but especially a fishing boat if you want to catch fish.
        Harvey Bennett of the Tackle Shop in Amagansett always heard the myth but paid it little mind, until one day while on Gardiner’s Bay with a friend after false albacore.