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  • Sunday was Oct. 9, but it felt like Aug. 9. The parking lot at Montauk Point State Park was full. Fishing boats were spread out on the tide line like stepping stones leading all the way to Block Island.
  • All the ducks are lined up for the much needed and long delayed dredging of Three Mile Harbor.
  • On the morning of the 16th, a mentally unstable student named Seung-Hui Cho strode through the campus armed with a handgun and hundreds of rounds of ammunition.
  • Who’da thunk Franz Kafka would have said, “All knowledge, the totality of all questions and all answers, is contained in the dog.” Maybe his translator spelled dog backward by mistake. On second thought, perhaps it’s a fitting observation from the creator of several of literature’s most tortured souls.      
    Bill Henderson, founder of the Pushcart Press, contemplates the dog-God connection in his just-published memoir, “All My Dogs: A Life” — this and much more.       

  • “Insane,” was how Ken Rafferty, a light-tackle and fly-fishing guide described the action from Shagwong to Montauk Point over the weekend.
  • First Coastal has been hired by the Sagaponack Village erosion control district to study the makeup, depth, and back-and-forth flow of sand.
  •     Capt. Francis T. Hammer, a veteran fishing captain who guided sportfishermen out of Montauk Harbor for years and gave clients the benefit of his vast experience in the waters of Equador, Panama, Florida, and Canada’s Atlantic provinces, died at Southampton Hospital on Aug. 29, four years after being diagnosed with lung cancer. Frank Hammer was 74.

  •     It’s like reading tea leaves or entrails — cue the eerie music: What does it portend when surfcasters see schools of small bunker and large sand eels in the wash, but not a lot of bluefish?

  • A mammoth 2.26-pound quahog dug from the bottom of Napeague Harbor earned Edward F. Hoff Jr. top honors
  • In the 40 minutes it took Dr. Valenti and crew to fire up the backup generator, $9,000 worth of striped bass died.

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