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  •     Capt. Francis T. Hammer, a veteran fishing captain who guided sportfishermen out of Montauk Harbor for years and gave clients the benefit of his vast experience in the waters of Equador, Panama, Florida, and Canada’s Atlantic provinces, died at Southampton Hospital on Aug. 29, four years after being diagnosed with lung cancer. Frank Hammer was 74.

  •     It’s like reading tea leaves or entrails — cue the eerie music: What does it portend when surfcasters see schools of small bunker and large sand eels in the wash, but not a lot of bluefish?

  • A mammoth 2.26-pound quahog dug from the bottom of Napeague Harbor earned Edward F. Hoff Jr. top honors
  • In the 40 minutes it took Dr. Valenti and crew to fire up the backup generator, $9,000 worth of striped bass died.
  • Eileen Raffo’s cottage at 252 Shore Road in Amagansett’s Lazy Point community squats low in the dunes, a zig-zag array of sand-catching fences its only defense against eroding storm surge.
  • Georgica Beach regulars are outraged at the apparent attempt by a property owner, Molly Zweig, to usurp a portion of public beach.
  • Bonac-American red, white, and blue dory in Amagansett has been restored, thanks to an Eagle Scout and his grandfather.
  •     The crisp air and silvery afternoon light tell us autumn is here, the season of great surf and equally great fishing. Both occurred in spades over the weekend.
        Hurricane Katia remained mercifully offshore, but her swells fired up local surf spots as well as the beaches of Long Beach, where the Quicksilver Pro surfing contest finals were held on Saturday.
        Offshore fishing was frustrated by strong easterly winds, but the inshore striped bass fishing came alive.

  •     “Averse to personal publicity, we veiled our own names under those of Currer, Ellis, and Acton Bell,” wrote Currer Bell, alias Charlotte Bronte, going on to explain in her flowing style why she and her sisters, Anne and Emily, sought anonymity:

    Nom de Plume:
    A (Secret) History of Pseudonyms

    Carmela Ciuraru
    Harper, $24.99

  • Yesterday five residents of Montauk shared their thoughts about the approaching anniversary of 9/11.

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