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  • Sailor en route from Massachusetts to Brooklyn in a 13-foot-long Sunfish more commonly used for short day trips.
  • Health Department looks for contaminants by popular Lake Montauk beach at Town Supervisor Bill Wilkinsons request.
  •     It’s the time of year for bamboo poles, buckets, and spearing bait. Snapper bluefish are swarming around local docks in profusion.
        Anglers may dismiss them, but we owe a lot to bluefish. They are the species that, in these parts anyway, hook sportfishermen when they and their quarry are the age of Huck and Tom, even younger. It’s a good time to teach kids about conservation. Only 10 snappers can be taken if they measure less than 12 inches. 

  •     Arnold Leo, secretary of the East Hampton Town Baymen’s Association and former town fisheries consultant, returned from an Aug. 1 Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission meeting in Virginia with some good news — striped bass and lobster fishermen might have dodged a bullet — and some bad — East Hampton Town was not represented at the important meeting.

  •     Thanks, in part, to King James II of England (1633-1701), New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has directed the State Department of Environmental Conservation to issue refunds to sportfishermen and charter boat captains who purchased Recreational Marine Fishing Licenses for the 2011 season. Lifetime licenses will also be refunded, it was announced on Friday.

  • Nina Katchadourian is a visual artist and sometime musician from Brooklyn whose sarcastic YouTube video about the Hampton Jitney is well on the road to viral this week, having received 11,802 hits on Monday alone.
  • After exploring deep wrecks, the dive charter boat John Jack returns with two dead in a week.
  •     Lake Montauk is full of beautiful moon jellyfish, transparent disks of about five inches in diameter. Four pinkish rings are visible within the transparent bell of Aurelia aurita. The jellies do not swim, beyond flexing their bells to produce an upward thrust. Mostly, they are carried by the tide.

  • On Thursday, for the second time in five days, the dive charter boat John Jack returned to Montauk with the body of a diver who died while on a shipwreck exploration cruise.

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