Bishop Letter Takes Shot at Wilkinson


In a mailing dated Sept. 15, Congressman Tim Bishop, a Southampton Democrat who represents the New York's First Congressional District, endorsed Zach Cohen for East Hampton Town supervisor. He also issued a strongly worded criticism of East Hampton Town Supervisor Bill Wilkinson, who is seeking re-election to a second term.

The letter charged that the supervisor has "injected partisan politics into government." He cited Mr. Wilkinson's invitation of Randy Altschuler to an official meeting last year, as an example. Mr. Altschuler was the Republican nominee against Mr. Bishop and narrowly lost to him in the general election. He also objected to Mr. Altschuler being named as one of Mr. Wilkinson's honorary campaign chairmen.

Mr. Wilkinson did not respond to a request for comment Friday.


Another pathetic, desperate attempt by Congressman Tim Bishop to stifle any opposing view, and a clear indication of his growing fear that he will surely lose next year to Altschuler, a candidate with far superior education, intellect, private sector job building skills, civility, and most important, integrity. Mr. Bishop should consider spending more time in D.C. fixing the colossal mess he helped create, rather than worrying who Supervisor Wilkinson is inviting to events. We would all be better served.
Please tell me has not Mr. Bishop injected himself into the local East Hampton election by using an envelope with his time in the return address spot to distribute the literature of local candidates? And why shouldn't the candidate for congress be invited to a meeting of interest to his potential constituents? At the national level both candidates for president (some times it is an incumbent and challenger) are invited to meetings that might have a bearing on issues that THE OFFICE HOLDER might face after the election. I believe that also happens at the Senate and Congressional levels. Please tell me if Mr. Bishop was invited? If he was, then what is the problem? Did you ask Mr. Bishop if he was invited? Was it the deer summit? Was it the oil spill summit? Was it a hurricane briefing? There were elected officials and wannabe elected officials at all those meetings (they were public), so again please tell me what is Mr. Bishop's problem? Is he mad because he feels he has exclutivity to access constituents? I received that mailing in my box which I believe went to Democrat voters. I was curious to read that Mr. Cohen is already Supervisor (on the cover of his pamphlet) and that he was a financial analyst FOR the Village of East Hampton and the State Comptroller. Now I find that utterly unbelievable. Now please tell me Mr. Rattray are you going to contact the Mayor of East Hampton and the State Comptroller's Office to determine the truth of these statements? If they are untrue then what, if anything, claimed by Mr. Cohen, Mrs. Overby, Mr. VanScoyoc or Mr. Bishop can we believe? If it is untrue then it is a tremendous campaign lie and illustrative of a flawed character and campaign. I would expect you to report the lie as I know you would if it was Mr. Wilkinson who did it. You already have been fooled by McGintee. I hope you will not allow yourself to be fooled by Cohen and his running mates.