Bujese Show at Markel, 'Dealer's Choice'

John Little's "Modoc (Indian Tribe)" from 1973 demonstrates the enduring quality of this artist who sold very little during his lifetime. Jennifer Landes photos

    The snow may have called off last week's opening reception of the show "Dealer's Choice" at Kathryn Markel Gallery last weekend, but it didn't stop some, like April Gornik, from popping in on Jan. 4 to see what Arlene Bujese was up to in the space on Main Street in Bridgehampton. 
    Ms. Bujese said on Friday in the gallery that she met Ms. Markel at an opening last summer and she offered her the space during the month of January. She said she welcomed the opportunity to bring some of her own pieces from a stable of artists she has represented for many years and a few new ones from younger generations into a new space for an informal, salon-style presentation.
     While parting with many of these gems might be difficult for her, she said she wouldn't mind using the proceeds to purchase new pieces from the same artists. Two bronze sculptures by Arline Wingate will be sold to benefit East End Hospice at 100 percent of their price. "It was something Arline would have appreciated," Ms. Bujese said. For those interested in the sculptures, they will also be on the Hospice's website if they do not sell in the gallery.
     The reception will take place this Saturday from 5 to 7 p.m. The show will be open Saturdays and Sundays through Feb. 2. A review will run in next week's paper.

Darlene Charneco has three works in total in the gallery, including these two: "Forest Reading" and "The Perception of Beauty."
Lewis Zack's "Montauk" from 2006 will certainly be a popular piece among a certain set of scenesters.
"Night Flower" by Arline Wingate is one of her two sculptures being sold by Ms. Bujese to benefit East End Hospice.
Two works by Carol Hunt, including "Spring Suite" are on view in the show.
A Cubist 1955 drawing by Calvin Albert and two sculptures were chosen by Ms. Bujese to include in the space.
"Red Oxide Grotto" is one of two paintings by Elaine de Kooning.
Mary Daunt, represented here with "Lemons with Tomatoes" is one of Ms. Bujese's more recent discoveries.
Stephanie Brody-Lederman will also have work in the show.
"Cuore Matto" and "Sono Vegno," two recent works by Fulvio Massi