Candidates Respond to Beach Access Survey


Citizens for Access Rights asked East Hampton Town and County legislator candidates to respond to a number of questions related to beach access. The questions are below. Their responses can be found at:




Dear Candidates, 


Citizens for Access Rights, CfAR, is following this year's election race closely.  Our 

group of concerned citizens is very interested in your position on the current lawsuits that 

the Town and the Trustees are facing regarding beach access and the attempts to privatize 

some of the beaches in East Hampton.  Our group is concerned with the future of our 

beaches and the direction that the town will take in trying to slow the erosion place along 

the shores.  Below you will find a few questions. If you would kindly respond to these 

questions by Friday, October 18th we would appreciate it. We will be sharing your 

answers with our 1,000+ memberships.  Thank you in advance for taking the time to 

share your views with our group. 


1. Do you support the laws and regulations as currently written pertaining to the use 

and access of the beaches of East Hampton?  If No what would you change and 


2. Do you support beach driving as a use of, and means of access to East Hampton 


3. What actions would you take to better enforce the current beach laws and 


4. Which East Hampton beaches, ocean or bay, do you use? How do you use that 

beach(s), (i.e. swim, fish, surf) and when? (Winter, spring, summer or fall?) 

5. Do you support the current LWRP as currently written? If no, how would you 

change it, and why? Based on what information would you make the changes? 

(i.e. personal experience or education?) 

6. Do you support a hard approach (revetments, groins) or a soft approach (sand 

replenishment, natural dunes) as a means of erosion control along the shoreline?  

7. Do you support the use of condemnation as a means of protecting public beach 

access in Napeague, should the town lose the current lawsuit? 


 Thank you.