Democratic Chairwoman Issues Statement on Vote Counting

Jeanne Frankl, the East Hampton Democratic Committee chairwoman, issued a statement Sunday in which she cautiously predicted a win for Zach Cohen in the absetnee vote counting over the incumbent town supervisor, Bill Wilkinson.

In the tight race between challenger Zach Cohen and incumbent Bill Wilkinson for East Hampton Town supervisor, the count of absentee, affidavit and “unscanned” ballots continues. With four large districts, still uncounted as of Friday, November 18, Mr. Cohen and Democrats concede the election is still too close to call but remain “cautiously optimistic.”

The count is scheduled to resume Monday, November 21, with supporters of each candidate assembling at the Board of Elections to go through the ballots together with Board personnel from each of the Republican and Democratic parties. Republicans have “challenged” many of the ballots on technical grounds with the legal consequence that they remain unopened pending decision by the board or as seems more likely by a court. Democrats believe that most, if not all of the challenges are unmerited and think it most likely that when the ballots are opened, Mr. Cohen will prevail.

Lawyer, Christopher Kelley, the Democrats’ campaign manager, is coordinating the Democrats’ count team, composed of Democratic town committee members and candidates, and providing legal advice. Like their Republican counterparts, the Democrats are also being advised by an outside election lawyer.