Democrats Have Registration Edge

East Hampton's Democratic candidates have a sizeable registration edge going into Tuesday's voting, according to numbers from the Suffolk County Board of Elections.

According to the Suffolk County Board of Elections, of the 16,116 registered voters in the town, 6,375 were listed as Democrats, compared to 4,043 Republicans.

Even when Conservative and Independence voters are thrown in an assumed Republican voter bloc in their entirety (an unlikely occurrence), the Democrats still enjoy an on-paper advantage of more than 1,000 registered voters.

There were 4,345  voters in the Town of East Hampton who had no party affiliation.

Figures provided by the State Board of Elections closely matched the Suffolk numbers. The Democrats were listed with 6,367 registered voters, and the Republicans, 4,225.

In Suffolk County, Democrats and Republicans registration numbers were essentially tied, at 317,872 to 312,954.

For comparisons and a prediction on turnout numbers, one might look to the election of 2011, when there was no top-of-the-ticket presidential or gubernatorial race to draw voters to the polls. That year, there were 6,791 votes cast out of a possible 15,929. Town Supervisor Bill Wilkinson narrowly won re-election over his Democratic challenger, Zachary Cohen, 3,403 to 3,388.

An interesting detail from that election, more than twice as many Conservatives voted in 2011 here than there are registered members of that party today townwide.