Hurricane Tips From a Friend

Bonnie Maslin, who has experienced any number of hurricanes and tropical storms on the South Fork, submitted the following letter of advice after sending it to friends.

Hurricane Survival Tips for First Time Summer Residents of the East End

I know you are very busy but having lived through many a storm and hurricane in East Hampton I wanted you to be the beneficiary of my experience. I mentioned some of this to Amy last week. But I wanted you to know first hand.

My experience is that the big problem come to people like me - on the water since the winds and tides can be severe.

Your potential problems are trees and limbs. It is not at all likely that you will be in jeopardy but if your car is parked under a tree there is a slight chance something could fall on it. It might help to park your car in the "center" of your parking area rather than under a tree. Remember these are unlikely events.

Bring in small or lightweight outdoor items that could fly around - only cause they could cause damage.

DON"T use candles unless you buy Yarzeit candles that come in a glass jar. Those are at any supermarket. I'll buy some here in NY and get extras for you since there will not be a run on them in NYC. I'll see if I can pick up extra flashlights too.

Your well water relies on an electric pump. So you won't have running water - remember no toilets will work.

So...fill up a garbage can with water. You can manually fill a toilet tank and voila it will flush!

Fill up each bath tub with cold water too. Make sure your drains are tight so you don't wake up to an empty tub. If they are not you can get a drain cover in a hardware store or perhaps a supermarket.

Fill up pots with cold water. Then fill up containers for fridge for drinking water.

Buy ice and put it in the freezer so that if the electricity goes off the food holds.

Freeze a few milks and juices so that as they defrost you have "fresh" milk and juice for the kids.

If you have a gas stove, it probably can be lit manually - even if the electric ignition dose not operate.

Buy firewood so you can have a "cookout" in your fireplace. Hot dogs, beans and s'mores make a memorable hurricane dinner. Make sure you have dry charcoal so you can use the grill too once it is not raining.

If the electricity goes out - unplug major appliances. When the electricity goes back on there is ALWAYS an electricity surge. It can blow out circuits -especially any items with electronic circuits.

Charge your computers before the storm but be sure to unplug ALL computers before the storm due to the surge problems.

If this sounds daunting go back to the city on Sunday morning.

This is meant to inform not alarm you.

I think that I've touched on all the tips I know - if I remember others, I'll let you know.