O'Reilly Bulldozes More Than Liberals

How sweet it was. The former Abbe place on the Montauk bluffs in the summer of 2008. Laurie Lambrecht

Bill O’Reilly, the Fox News commentator known for bulldozing liberals, has bulldozed a 1940s cottage that had been perched high on a Montauk bluff overlooking the ocean, on property he purchased last year for $7.65 million.

Last summer when The Star interviewed the selling agent, Theresa Eurell of Town and Country, she said that if the cottage were demolished its buildable footprint would go with it, allowing nothing to be built on that idyllic location again. Local residents were hoping he'd keep the cottage as a romantic aerie.

Though he had plenty of room to build a dream house on the 1.6-acre parcel, Mr. O’Reilly chose to tear down the cottage, which is “being replaced with a custom-built home,” according to a release issued by Town and Country on Thursday. 

Ms. Eurell, who made a hefty commission on the sale, said that, “As a Montauk native who has always admired the Abbe property, along with many other locals, it was sad to see the structures come down.” The property had been in the Abbe family for seven decades.

Let’s hope Mr. O’Reilly held onto the beams, originally salvaged from a Dominy (illustrious family of craftsmen including clockmakers) barn in East Hampton. If not, surely his liberal-leaning neighbors such as Jann Wenner and Robert DeNiro might look askance.

Meanwhile, according the East Hampton Building Department, at 624 square feet, the garage of the new house will be larger than its predecessors.

Mr. Reilly's entire new square footage, including a pool, pool house, covered porch, and first and second floors, adds up to slightly more than 8,000 square feet. How much bigger than the Abbe cottage? You do the math.

See what the Abbe place looked like in 2008.

Early stages of work on a new, 8,000-square-foot house at the Bill O'Reilly property in Montauk this weekJane Bimson