PHOTOS: Love & Passion, Delayed by Snow, Re-ignites in Water Mill

Karyn Mannix celebrated the opening of her annual "Love & Passion" show on Saturday in Water Mill. Morgan McGivern, photos

     The ninth annual “Love & Passion” art exhibition, typically scheduled around Valentine’s Day, celebrated its opening a week late this year, after a snow storm on Feb. 15 led to its postponement to Saturday. The delay did not deter the South Fork community of artists, artisans, and assorted characters from coming out to celebrate.

     The show, with a theme of “Walk on the Wild Side,” was the work of three curators: Karyn Mannix, the exhibition’s founder, as well as Sara Nightingale and Ashley Dye, the two proprietors of the galleries that served as hosts this year in Water Mill.

     Featuring more than 60 artists from around the country, the exhibition spanned the Sara Nightingale Gallery and Hampton Hang Gallery. True to the theme, romantically and erotically charged work in photography, sculpture, and painting filled the spaces. 

     Musicians brought together through Ms. Nightingale’s “Blind Date Music Lab” series provided further entertainment.

Dalton Portella played in the galleries as part of Sara Nightingale's "Blind Date Music Lab" series.
Jim Lubetkin stood by his photograph on Saturday.
Lori Schultz brought "I left My Heart In Panama" and Rosa Hanna Scott showed her work "Cotton Candy." at the show.
The crowded galleries had a festive air.
Vannessa Cuccia offered "Chakrubs" at Hamptons Hang on Saturday night.
Joseph Eschenberg at Hampton Hang
Ms. Mannix at sunset