Richard Gere Talks Movies, Directors, and Leading Ladies with Alec Baldwin

Gere Talk at Guild Hall
Alec and Hilaria Baldwin with Richard Gere before the talk at Guild Hall on Saturday. Morgan McGivern

  Saturday night at Guild Hall was mobbed as scores of fans waited to get in to see the Hamptons International Film Festival's Conversation with Richard Gere. Mr. Baldwin and Mr. Gere discussed some of his favorite directors such as Terrance Malick and Rob Marshall, his son's baseball game that day, and why he prefers the East Coast to Los Angeles. While Mr. Baldwin attempted to have Mr. Gere to dish on some of his co-stars, he demurred. He did reveal his fondness for song and dance, stating that "Chicago" was the best time he had making a movie and that while "American Gigolo" didn't change him, his representatives felt that it could have been a set back because "he was a better actor than a hunk," according to his current agent Andrew Finkelstein.
  After the discussion, Toni Ross, a film festival board member, presented Mr. Gere with a lifetime achievement award.
  A full story on the talk will appear in this week's print edition.