Sag Harbor Donates Ambulance to Queens F.D.

Sag Harbor Police Chief Tom Fabiano, right, helped load supplies and donated food and clothing onto an ambulance that will be given to a Queens fire department. Carrie Ann Salvi

A Sag Harbor ambulance will be turned over Saturday to a Jamaica Bay ambulance company that lost nearly everything to Hurricane Sandy.

Ed Downes, the president of the Sag Harbor Ambulance Corps, Sag Harbor Police Chief Tom Fabiano, and a number of volunteers headed to Queens early Saturday in a convoy of two sport-utility vehicles and the ambulance, which was stocked with food, warm clothing, blankets, bleach, cleaning supplies, and toiletries.

The ambulance, which was recently retired from service, was to have been sold; the Village of Sag Harbor had been offered about $8,000 on a trade-in. Instead, the village has signed the vehicle's title over to a volunteer fire department that serves a hard-hit community.

Donations of food and supplies came from the Sag Harbor community and the Sag Harbor Fire Department. The effort also brought in about $1,200.