Southampton Supervisor Urges Preparation Now

Press Release:

This is a message from Southampton Town Supervisor Anna Throne-Holst urging residents to begin preparing for the potential impacts of a severe coastal storm.
The National Weather Service is currently predicting “increasing confidence” that the East End will experience high winds, torrential rain, coastal flooding and beach erosion as early as Sunday afternoon, through Tuesday.  Power outages for prolonged periods of time are also likely, and residents in low lying areas may be ordered to evacuate as the storm will coincide with a full moon and astronomically high tides.    
Currently, the Town is on full alert and monitoring the situation carefully. It is imperative that residents begin to prepare now, while there is time to stock up on supplies, take measures to protect homes, and clearly think through how to protect family and loved ones.
Please take the time to:  
·         Contact family members to coordinate storm preparations.  If you are in an evacuation zone, make plans to stay with a relative or friend in a storm-safe location outside of the evacuation zone.  Evacuation zone maps are available on the Town web site.  There is also a “SLOSH Zone Locator” tool available where residents can enter their property address to find out if they are located in a potential evacuation zone.  The tool is available through this link
·         Check family emergency supplies and gather any missing items: Including:
o   5-7 days worth of non-perishable food and water
o   5-7 days of medications.
o   Batteries and working flash lights
o   Battery powered radio
o   Be sure to Charge cell-phone batteries.
·         Bring in or tie down outdoor furniture, grills and any items that may blow
away in strong winds.
·         Secure boats and other water craft
·         Test back-up generators.
·         Assemble a Go Bag for each household member in the event you need to leave.
Caretakers of residents with special health requirements who rely on life support equipment are urged to call LIPA as soon as possible at 1-800-490-0025 to register as critical care customers.  Once registered, LIPA will make every effort to restore power for critical care customers as soon as possible, should an outage occur.  Advance registration for this service is required, along with a medical certificate from a doctor or the local Board of Health.
Additionally, residents with special health care needs or mobilization limitations should register before the storm for the Town’s Special Needs Program by calling 728-1235.  Transportation, shelter, and medical support services are available through this program.
Please continue to monitor the weather report closely and listen to local news outlets for updates and instructions.  Updates will also be posted as they become available on the Town website,
All residents who utilize the Internet are urged to sign up for the Town’s Facebook and Twitter feeds for regular updates.  Updated information will also be posted to the Town’s website
All residents, particularly those without Internet access, should also sign up for CodeRED to receive emergency information. Registration is available by calling 631-852-4900 or via the links available on the Town’s homepage