Southampton Town Advisory

Southampton Town officials today urged residents to begin preparing for the potential impact of Hurricane Irene. Eastern Long Island can expect high winds and heavy rains arriving as early as Friday evening with more severe conditions possible through Saturday and Sunday.

A comprehensive list of preparatory information and guidelines are provide in the Town‘s Hurricane Guide, which is available online at Hard copies are also available for pick-up in Town Hall.

“The Town is on full alert and monitoring the situation carefully, knowing the storm has the potential to become severe. It is imperative that residents begin to prepare now, while there is time to stock up on supplies, take measures to protect homes, and clearly think through how to best protect family and loved ones should we be facing a strong storm,” said Supervisor Anna Throne-Holst.

Residents should continue to closely monitor the weather report and listen to local new outlets for updates and instructions. Updates will also be posted on the Town website:

Today and Friday residents should take the time to do the following:

· Contact family members to coordinate storm preparations. If you are in an evacuation zone, make plans with a relative or friend in a storm-safe location outside of the evacuation zone.
· Check family emergency supplies kit and gather any missing items. This includes:
o 5-7 days worth of non-perishable food and water on hand.
o 5-7 days of medications.
o Stock-up on batteries.
o Ensure flash lights are working.
o Charge cell-phone batteries.

· Bring in outdoor furniture, tools, etc. and tie down any items that may be blow away by strong winds.
· Tie down or stabilize boats.
· Test generators.
· Put up shutters.
· Assemble a Go Bag for each household member in the event you need to leave.

Announcements with regard to potential Red Cross shelter sites will not be made before Friday afternoon. As a reminder, animals are not permitted in shelters.

Residents with questions or who need information about pet-friendly shelters or pet accommodations can call the Supervisor’s Office at (631)-283-6055.

Jennifer Garvey
Supervisor's Office
Town of Southampton
(631) 283-6055