Stevie Nicks Talks Film and Collaboration

Stevie Nicks at a press event in East Hampton for the Hamptons International Film Festival Morgan McGivern

Stevie Nicks charmed a capacity audience at the Bay Street Theatre in Sag Harbor on Sunday, where she discussed her 2011 album, "In Your Dreams," the making of which is depicted in "In Your Dreams - Stevie Nicks," which premiered at the Sag Harbor Cinema following her talk.

"When you make a record in your house, you are able to really be yourself because you're in your place," Ms. Nicks said, explaining how she, with her co-producer, Dave Stewart, and other musicians, engineers, and assistants spent what she called the best year of her life.

Mr. Stewart had said he hoped to write a few songs with her, Ms. Nicks said, though at the time she had no such intention. Even with her original collaborator, Lindsay Buckingham -- with whom she had a long romantic relationship, released an album in 1973, and joined Fleetwood Mac in 1974 -- she had never co-written music, fearful of the inevitable hurt feelings that would follow a potentially unsuccessful collaboration. Mr. Stewart had experienced a similar path, as musical and romantic partner with Annie Lennox in their band, Eurhythmics.

Ms. Nicks's resistance finally gave way when she began to collaborate with Mr. Stewart on "In Your Dreams." "I'm going to go with this, I'm going to give him a chance" she recalled thinking. I would never give Lindsey a chance, because Lindsey and I had way too much baggage. But I didn't have that kind of baggage with Dave Stewart, so I didn't have all the reasons to hate him," she said, to laughter and applause.

Ms. Nicks gave him a book of her poems, having no expectation that he would read them all. But he did, and their collaboration was born.