Wha'cha Looking At?

At Christa Maiwald's show, using a map as a guide to the portraits creates art about art.

   For most, going to an exhibition opening is about looking at the art. For Durell Godfrey, the Star's resident Elliott Erwitt, going to an opening is about looking at the people looking at art. Here are some scenes she captured on Saturday night at Guild Hall.

Complementary diagonals created at the Thomas Moran show.
The light and Roy Nicholson's jacket bring out the warmer colors in the Thomas Moran painting.
Richard and Roseanne Barons stop to read James Schuyler's poem in Darragh Park's painting.
Did he coordinate ahead of time?
At the Moran show.
Pointing out the signature in an early Moran painting.
Walking back into summer at Guild Hall's "Landscape Selections from the Permanent Collection" show.