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Lisa Perry
Lisa Perry
Diana Ross, Executive Store Director, at White's ApothecaryDurell Godrey

Kardashian shop
Spillover from the Driver's Seat, a family eats Sunday brunch in front of the Kardashian's new store. Debra Scott

The large parcel on the left just sold for $147 million while the smaller one on the road is up for auction. Google Maps

Fans of the fare at Duryea's Lobster Deck may have just one more season to enjoy it. The family has sold the property, but will continue to operate it for at least this season. Durell Godfrey

Diana Catozzi helped the first customer at Round Swamp's new Bridgehampton shop, Beth Rodriguez. Durell Godfrey

Eilis Miller of East Hampton relaxes at K and G Enjoy Spa. Durell Godfrey
The team of reflexology practitionersDurell Godfrey

A one-story house on the lot closest to the ocean sprawls nearly from property line to property line. David E. Rattray
Three doors down from the Maidstone Club, the parcels reportedly bought for a record $147 million include several gardens, a pond with a foot bridge and four viewing piers, and a main house overlooking the ocean.Hampton Pix
Hampton Pix

The window at The Enchanted World Monte Farber
Cheryl Lee
Monte Farber