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Troy Carter, left, and Valentino D. Carlotti joined Loida Lewis at the party. Mr. Carlotti accepted an award given to Goldman Sachs Gives for corporate leadership. Morgan McGivern Photos
Many of the students attended the party and showcased their work at several interactive stations. The group above included Austin Carvey, Adrian Davis, Anthony Box, Zaire Elleby, Sam Rigs, and Ruben Martinez.
The party took place on the grounds of Ms. Lewis's oceanfront estate.
Snakey-Snakey was a popular interactive game.
Remote-controlled gloves powered robotic finches in a Finchfa Tournament game, based on FIFA soccer.
Miss U.S.A. Olivia Jordan received instruction from one of the student coders.
Hannah Sanders and Nia Meadows paused for a selfie in the middle of the party.
Marcus Samuelsson of Red Rooster restaurant in Harlem catered the event.
Guests during the awards presentation
Inspirational signs posted throughout the tent and setting highlighted the empowering themes of the evening.
The Brooklyn Peaches danced on the lawn . . .
. . . before they entered the pool.
Barbara Zand, Mark Zand, Matko Tomicic, Janet O'Brien, Seeton Smith, Kiki Smith, Dianne Benson, and Lys Marigold
Jack Larsen and Eric Ernst
Ike Ude
Sue Felsher
Michele and Steve Pesner
Stephanie Beroes and Yuka Silvera
Gossamer shoes
Richard Meier

Bernie Taupin, left, was the star of Mark Borghi's booth at Art Southampton Jennifer Landes
Tanya Ascanlon, Rachel Feldman, and Eric Ascalon at Market Art + DesignMorgan McGivern
The Art Southampton tent just after sundownBritta Lokting
Tulla Booth mans her booth at Art Southampton with Edward Segal, her husband and sales manager, and their pup.Jennifer Landes
The Mecox Bay view from the Market Art + Design loungeJennifer Landes
Bradley Theodore, center, posed with Agne Correll and Kelsey McNeil of Room Gallery at Market Art + DesignMorgan McGivern
Peter Marcelle, right, strikes a pose among his Art Southampton booth visitors on Thursday night.Jennifer Landes
Kile Stockers and Alexandra French checked out the outdoor space at Market Art + DesignMorgan McGivern
Kathryn Markel brought colorful work to her booth at Market Art+ Design.Jennifer Landes
Karyn Mannix showed how design elements could warm up a display of art in her booth at Art Market + Design.Jennifer Landes

The colonial marchers seemed to be having fun along the way. Jennifer Landes photos
Some participants had it better than others, as in the gold old days.
Jack Bartelme of the East Hampton Village Police Department helped keep order so Southampton Village police could celebrate.
The sound and smoke of canon fire brought some of the history of the day alive.
Some of the antique fire trucks that were part of the display
Southampton's Jason Poremba was honored as firefighter of the year.
Many children enjoyed the ride in their father's firetrucks.
The ever-popular bagpipes
Crowds were lining the streets, in lawn chairs and standing, to see the parade go by.

The pool at Robin and Fred Seegal's house in Wainscott Durell Godfrey Photos
The Seegal house
Shade-loving flowers at Toni Ross's Wainscott property
A cottage nestled into the trees on the Ross property
The Ross pool and main house
The DeFlorio's rolling lawn with landscape stairs
The DeFlorio garden
The ocean view from the Seegal property
The Kennedy grounds have a casual, relaxed feel.
The Kennedy house set in a bed of white flowers

Paul Williams and Tracey Jackson George Baier IV

A Tuscan-style villa on Flying Point Road has a back bay view and mature grounds. Durell Godfrey Photos
The 12-bedroom mansion on Cobb Road is set on six acres of bayfront property in Water Mill.
Artwork at the back of the Cobb Road house
A bathroom in the Tuscan-style villa on Flying Point Road
This 1920s village cottage was renovated by a local architectural firm, which added a pedimented front entry, overhanging eaves, and a monumental brick chimney to give it an imposing presence.
A swing on the property on Flying Point Road
A four-story windmill is set on the approach to the main building on Cobb Road in Water Mill.

J.P. Amaden and R.J. Druker, who helped attendees load their cars, applauded the purchases. Durell Godfrey Photos
It was hard not to love the pink boots of Leslie Clark.
Pink was a popular option for flowers and attire, with Laura Traphagen opting for geraniums to match her Pucci top. With her was Bobbie Traphagen, her mother, with a substantial orchid.
Nolan Jennings helped Henry Murray with his purchases.
Laura Mitchell, also in pink, found a few plants of her own.
Clara Forbes and Carter Amaden were also helpers at the sale.
Roseanne Barons, Jean Rickenbach, Mayor Paul Rickenbach, and Richard Barons, the director of the East Hampton Historical Society, were in attendance.
Jack Kelly, Hitchcock Graham, R.J. Druker, and Phillip Fuhrman earned their tips bringing plants out to the cars.
The boys on the job
The readymade hanging baskets looked especially pretty against the faded shingle backdrop of Mulford.

It was a cloudy day on Accabonac Harbor, but it didn't stop those on the tour from enjoying the view from The Landing. Durell Godfrey Photos
The house at The Landing
The Landing
Charles Savage led a tour with his dog on his property.
Jim Spitzer took a rest among the many statues by Costantino Nivola on his family compound.
The Nivola property
Valerie Coster and Karen Simon had their own fun with the Nivola statuary.
Anna Millang Murray found the grass on the tour pretty terrific.
The "strollers" strolling down Old Stone Highway

Michael Combs and Phil Haponic sat at a table to enjoy their drinks. Morgan McGivern photos
The scene at the bar
Joe and Jennifer Brondo made the trek from East Hampton and Guild Hall, where they both work, to attend the event.
Noiz Entertainment provided the music.
The band did their job well, inspiring many to dance the night away.
Alexis Ramdeen and Andrea Ramdeen helped organize the scavenger hunt.
Dave Granville, Kelli Delaney, Monica S. Navia, Melanie Brandman, and Jeff Pfeifle met up at the party.
The silent auction table attracted a lot of interest.
Terri Burke Doyle, Denise Burke O'Brien, and Monica S. Navia
A pretty hat and skirt combination for spring on a shy party attendee