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Dancers, such as Matt Knife, were stationed throughout the grounds and added drama to the cocktail party. Durell Godfrey Photos
James and Hala Salomon turned up the heat in their white and blue ensembles.
The Brooklyn Peaches made a splash in the narrow LongHouse pool.
Matko Tomicic and Roberto Dutesco paused under one of the banners made after photographs from the evening’s honoree, Cindy Sherman.
Even the LongHouse pond was not immune from decoration.
Steve Miller and Jack Youngerman chatted during cocktails.
Bonnie Grice had some fun with one of the mannequins decked out with feathers and other decoration by Fashion Institute of Technology students that were placed around the property.
Lou Gropp, Dianne Benson, Peter Olson, Nina Gillman, and Jane Gropp greeted guests at the entrance.
John Waddell, Edwina von Gal, and John Hall at cocktails
The occassional rain drop did not take away from the festive atmosphere.

The garden features foot bridges and pavilions in a Chinese style.

Richard Move and his multidisciplinary dance and theater company MoveOpolis! greeted guests to the party. Morgan McGivern photos
Keith Sonnier and Ned Smyth shared a jovial moment before dinner.
Robert Wilson and Terrie Sultan, right, with the honorees.
With 600 guests before and during the dinner, getting a drink required patience.
Maya Lin, who has a show on view at the museum, made the scene.
Jennifer Barlett has a mini-retrospective at the Parrish and was the inspiration for the party decor.
Megan Rigby and James Rigby traveled from East Hampton and found themselves in front of a pool painting by Ms. Bartlett.
Sara Herbert Galaway, Ron Lyser, and Ginger Lyser
Fun in the galleries
The New York Times' Bill Cunningham took a taxi from the All Star Code party in East Hampton to cover the Parrish next.

Alexander George McCue, William Quigley, and Ben Moon at the opening on Friday Durell Godfrey Photos
The fuzzy boys, from left: Alex Goebel, Devlin Webb, Matt Orlando, Steven Clark, and Chris Clark
The party took place in a working studio.
The converted garage
Ben Moon with the 1985 Rolls Royce he painted
Guests gathering by the gas tanks
Detail from a work on view
The crowd inside
Alexander George McCue stood by his paintings at the party.

The entry to Art Market Hamptons Morgan McGivern photos
Once again, the fair greeted opening night revelers with music "curated" by Norwood.
Anna Johnston at the Eric Firestone booth
Vered, who had been away most of this year marked her return with a stint in her gallery's booth.
Vered had a contemporary and modern booth at the fair.
Food at the fair was particularly important this year, with Brooklyn imports such as Roberta's Pizza in the garden.
The servers seemed to be having the most fun at the party.
Jello shots, a retro trash bar staple, had a comeback with an upscale presentation.
The scene in the tent
Stephanie Hunter and Jim DeProphetis had some interpretive fun with popcorn as the party got underway.

An untitled diptych dated from 1980/2012 by Cindy Sherman has an opening bid of $4,500. Paddle 8
Roy Lichtenstein's "Mirror," a screenprint from 1990, had three bids as of Thursday morning with a current price of $3,150 against an estimate of $5,150.Paddle 8
Lys Marigold donated the Han Dynasty cocoon jar from 206 B.C. to A.D. 220. It has an estimate of $4,000 and an opening bid of $2,000.Paddle 8
Laurie Anderson, a long-time friend of Jack Lenor Larsen, the founder of LongHouse, donated one of her ink drawings from this year. It has a starting bid of $2,500.Paddle 8
Eric Firestone donated a drawing by Donald Robertson, who recently showed at the gallery, in acrylic paint and gaffer tape to the auction. It has a starting bid of $2,000.Paddle 8
Steve Miller, who has a work on view at LongHouse, donated an inkjet print on paper with a starting bid of $2,500.Paddle 8

Christine Vachon, Todd Haynes, and Pam Koffler stood by a photo taken at the Independent Spirit Awards where the film "Far from Heaven" won awards for Ms. Vachon as producer, Mr. Haynes as director, Julianne Moore as best actress, and Dennis Quaid as best supporting actress. Ms. Vachon and Ms. Koffler are partners in the production company Killer Films.
Mr. Haynes, Ms. Vachon, Ms. Koffler, and Magdalene Brandeis, seated front, who is the associate director of Stony Brook Southampton's Graduate Program in Digital Filmmaking

Lisa Perry stopped by to check on Mr. Robertson's progress and to secure some new purchases.Jennifer Landes photos
Equating Chanel and "Coco Puffs" is one example of the artist's "whacked-out" sensibility.
Sponge Bob and the Jetsons are some of the cartoon characters that inhabit his imagination.
The brown of E.T. the extra-terrestrial and Louis Vuitton are mashed up in several of his recent works.
The Drawbertson take on Hermes Birkin bags
More East Hampton inspiration
The Robertson Whole Foods shopping bags come complete with French monarchs, bamboo, designer logos, checker boards, and other graphic and witty designs.
Brazil flags adorn a group of leggy models in a series inspired by the World Cup soccer matches.Trendabl

Paolo Soleri in a scene from the film.
The architect's Arcosanti in Scottsdale, Ariz.

A low African stool (height about 9 inches) has a $150 to $250 estimate. Paddle 8
This folding chair was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for the Kalita Humphreys Theater in Dallas. It has an estimate of $1,000 to $1,500. Paddle 8
Shiro Kuramata's "How High the Moon" chair is constructed of nickel-plated mesh and has an estimate of $10,000 to $12,000.Paddle 8