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A homemade poster for 'Taboo'

Robert Dash, an artist who also wrote a long-running column in The Star, is one of the artists featured in the Parrish Art Museum's "Perspectives" show. Jennifer Landes Photos
Joe Zucker, left, at the Sunday morning brunch reception
The room devoted to Jules Feiffer's drawings
The book that resulted from the drawings
One of Mr. Zucker's works, using Rhoplex and sash cord, is on display in the entry gallery.
A collection of drawings from all three artists are hung in the spine gallery.

The stretched fabric was placed near the studio window it related to on the first floor. Jennifer Landes photos
The solarium window was also used in the project.
The fabric put in the solarium was displayed in the basement directly below the studio window and its panels.
Another view
The work of Jodie Vicenta Jacobsen is on view in the upper gallery at Halsey Mckay.
The downstairs gallery features pieces she selected from friends such as Carol Bove, John O, Vivienne Griffin, Adam Putnam, and Yvonne Rainer.
Another installation view

Mary Ellen Bartley during her open studio at the Watermill Center Durell Godfrey
Ms. Bartley takes images of books in various states, including standing up with the spines open to reveal a hint of the contents inside them.Durell Godfrey
A fan photographed the photos.Durell Godfrey
Books appeared to be a running theme, as Helene Patarot read from one during her presentation.Durell Godfrey
The audience sat rapt during Ms. Patarot's presentation.Durell Godfrey

Julianne Moore, right, and Kristen Stewart in the film "Still Alice"

Dogs love the snow, but too much exposure with extremely low temperatures can be just as dangerous to them as it is to humans. Jennifer Landes

"Red Light in Puddle" by Sheril Antonio
"Unchain my Heart" by Tina Andrews
"The Bush" by Danny Simmons
"Untitled (Ghana)" by John Pinderhughes
"Tumblers" by Reynolds Ruffin

Some movement will be required of those auditioning, as captured in earlier try outs. Durell Godfrey, photos

The Wynn Las Vegas resort has this stainless steel "Popeye" by Jeff Koons on display, which was purchased at auction in May for more than $28 million. A granite version of this sculpture, at issue in Ronald Perelman's suit, was valued at $4.25 million in 2011. Wynn Las Vegas

The mosaics on the exterior and interior of the pool house at the J.P. Kazickas house on Egypt Lane depict scenes from the myth of Jurate and Kastytis. Durell Godfrey, photos
A detail of the Kazickas house exterior
The Kazickas living room
The Daniel S. Dokos and Brian Graybill house on Hither Lane had its pool open still, even as snow fell in Connecticut.
Mr. Dokos plays the piano in this room after dinner parties.
This room demonstrates the mix of mid-century and traditional in their classic summer colony cottage.
The Sheehan House on Egypt Lane was indicative of a more traditional design aesthetic.
A game room and gym were some of the appealing features of the DeFlorio house and guest cottage on Buell Lane
The DeFlorio gym
An Yves Klein table was a prominent feature of the living room.