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Aaron Eckhart took a stroll on the c/o the Maidstone grounds on Friday. Chelsea Audibert
Takuji Masuda with his son Ryji before screening of his movie "Bunker77" at Guild Hall.Morgan McGivern
Edward Norton, who is receiving a career achievement award from the festival on Sunday night, is a producer of Mr. Masuda's film.Morgan McGivern
The crew of "Disturbing the Peace," which won the Brizzolara Family Foundation Award this year, got together at c/o the Maidstone on Friday.Chelsea Audibert
Mariska Hargitay, who is one of the festival's competition judges this year, was at Nick & Toni's restaurant in East Hampton on Saturday.Morgan McGivern
Some of Variety's 10 Actors to Watch assembled for a talk and brunch at Nick & Toni's on Saturday. Flanked by David Nugent and Anne Chaisson, they are, from left, Mahershala Ali, Aja Naomi King, Kara Hayward, and Riz Ahmed.Morgan McGivern
Lydia Tenaglia and Anthony Bourdain before her film "Jeremiah Tower: The Last Magnificent"Chelsea Audibert
Anne Chaisson, Katherine Dieckmann, and Holly Hunter on Friday night in SouthamptonJennifer Landes
Riz Ahmed with Ilona Gedutiene, a Lithuanian journalist at Nick & Toni's
Reuben Atlas, the director of "Sour Grapes," a film to which Jay McInerney was a contributor

Holly Hunter posed for photographs before her talk on Saturday at the East Hampton Middle School auditorium. Morgan McGivern
Holly Hunter and Kim Coates in "Strange Weather"
Thelma Adams and Holly HunterJennifer Landes
Anne Chaisson, the HIFF executive director, joined Katherine Dieckmann and Holly Hunter after the screening of "Strange Weather" in Southampton.Jennifer Landes

Sophie Linnenbaum, left, the director of "[Out of Fr]ame," and Tara Mercedes Wood, the director of "Things Used to Be Hidden," attended the screening of "Tilt and Shift" short films on Friday. Christine Sampson

Randy Mastro and Alec Baldwin welcomed the crowd at Guild Hall before the screening of "Loving." Jennifer Landes
Jeff Nichols and Nancy Buirski attended the screening of Mr. Nichols's film and discussed it afterward.Morgan McGivern
Board members and staff of HIFF posed for a big family photo before the screening. From left: Anne Chaisson, Judy Giuliani, Stuart Match Suna, Randy Mastro, Bob Balaban, Jeff Nichols, Nancy Buirski, David Nugent, and Alec Baldwin. Seated: Hilaria and Carmen BaldwinMorgan McGivern
The festival's corrals were once again full of film buffs waiting for the start of "Loving," this year's first big movie.Chelsea Audibert
Hugh King, as town crier, brought the evening's proceedings to order.Jennifer Landes
People came to dance at the after-party at The Leo in East Hampton.Morgan McGivern
D.J. TwiloMorgan McGivern
Samantha Press and Karen GoerlMorgan McGivern

Nancy Buirski and Jeff Nichols joined David Nugent, right, on the stage after the screening. Jennifer Landes
The extended HIFF group of board members and family members gathered with Jeff Nichols and Nancy Buirski, fourth and third from the right, before the "Loving" screening.Morgan McGivern
Mark Rabinowitz gave Mr. Nichols the Victor Rabinowitz and Joanne Grant Award for Social Justice.Jennifer Landes

David Nugent, film festival artistic director Khanh Xiu Tran

Tim Kaine, at left with Hillary Clinton, and Mike Pence, with Donald Trump, will discuss their running mates' positions tonight at 9.

Jamal Joseph, second from right, stopped by the Eastville Community Historical Society on Sunday before the screening of his film. Joining him, from left, were Joyce Joseph, a co-founder of IMPACT, Khadim Diop, and Susan Penzner. Durell Godfrey photos
Mr. Joseph, left, discussed the film after the screening with Cheryl Hill, the producer, and Khadim Diop, who stars in it.
Reynold Ruffins, Vivian Wallace, Murial Cunningham, Elinor Fendall, and Michael Butler met up before the screening in Bay Street's lobby.
Susan Penzner and April Gornik

Aaron Eckhart, right, plays a boxing trainer for Miles Teller's character in "Bleed for This." Mr. Eckhart will be interviewed at the festival.

Jeff Nichols's "Loving" explores a landmark Supreme Court case that overturned laws against interracial marriage.