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Myrna and Paul Davis snuggled with Pip. Mr. Davis was the cover artist for ARF's second calendar. Durell Godfrey Photos
Eric Fischl was this year's calendar cover artist and signed copies of it at the party.
The calendar cover
Evan, Hope and Kyle Masi enjoyed Nugget.
Dale Leff, Sandra Powers, and Sara Davison caught up at the party.
Calendar artists past and present posed for a photo. From left, Mr. Fischl, Billy Sullivan, Carol Saxe, and Paul Davis
The Powers House in Water Mill
Linda Warren and Toy
John Bandman and Coco
It was a howling good time.

Marilyn Burden, the chairwoman of the quilt show, with a few of those on view Durell Godfrey Photos
Many quilts are hung in the rafters on the second floor of the museum to dramatic effect.
A detail
This quilt appears to dissolve a corner.
Quilts in tones of black, white, and gray are popular this year.
Another black-and-white

Corey Tazmania as Prospera with Michelle Girolami as Miranda and Matthew Haas as Ferdinand in "The Tempest" Tom Kochie photos, unless noted
J.B. Alexander as Alonso and Molly McKenna as Gonzala
Joshua Perl led children through the set and the play's plot before the performance.Jennifer Landes
J. Kelly Caldwell as a very effective and affecting Caliban
Kathryn Lerner as Ariel
Prospera and cast
Charlotte Otremba as Trinculo, Stephan Scheck as Stephano, and J. Kelly Caldwell as Caliban
Audience members enjoy a stylish picnic before the performance.Jennifer Landes

Kurtis Blow was a performer at the benefit and was joined by Niykee Heaton on the red carpet. Morgan McGivern photos
Danny Simmons being interviewed for local television
Taking to the ladder to get the shot
Russell Simmons' family
Soledad O'Brien
Russell Simmons and Vita Sidorkina
Capturing the scene at the party

A scene from Sisyphus, a piece by Dimitris Papaioannou, was a popular stop on the woodland trail. Jennifer Landes photos
Alessandra Armenise knitted her dress and had a head start on a shelter made from red yarn in the woods.Jennifer Landes
Guests, many dressed thematically, stopped along the way to check out the artists.Jennifer Landes
Even the service of drinks came with a flourish and sound, as a trombonist played and the seagrass whispered to guests on the way into the party.Jennifer Landes
Another scene from Sisyphus, which featured Drossos Skotis, head, and Savas Baltzis, legs.Jennifer Landes
In an inversion of the theme of Marcel Duchamp's "The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even," a woman here started out nude, placed a white sheath over herself, and then walked down a neon aisle/runway with her attendants spraying her with a fine mist.Jennifer Landes
An examination of subject and object through the themes of the gaze and the selfie merged in a piece where an artist applied make up to frightening effect while looking into a camera/mirror.Jennifer Landes
The video works often fit in rather seamlessly with their surroundings.Jennifer Landes
Kayije Kagame and Walter Hanna made a series of banal routines intriguing through their use of staging and masks.Jennifer Landes
Guests enjoyed lounging with this piece.Jennifer Landes

Anne Chaisson, executive director of the Hamptons International Film Festival, shared a laugh with Steve Barnes of Palm Beach. Morgan McGivern
The scene at Keszler Gallery, with Stephan Keszler, the proprietor, in the background and Chris Arnold, right.Jennifer Landes
Apparently, a few galleries brought their own security.Jennifer Landes
Some guests were as colorful as the paintings.
Rodolpho Edwards with his art at Yael Rosenblut GalleryMorgan McGivern
You never know when falling art will strike.Morgan McGivern
Giada Baselice and Gloria Porcello at the Galleria Ca' D'ora booth.Morgan McGivern
Matthew Moskowitz, an artist in the fair who also shows at Chase Edwards in Bridgehampton, stopped for a picture at the preview.Jennifer Landes
It was jovial in the Ross School booth.Jennifer Landes
Karen Goerl of Sagaponack with Marjorie Strider's "The Yellow Rose"

Dancers, such as Matt Knife, were stationed throughout the grounds and added drama to the cocktail party. Durell Godfrey Photos
James and Hala Salomon turned up the heat in their white and blue ensembles.
The Brooklyn Peaches made a splash in the narrow LongHouse pool.
Matko Tomicic and Roberto Dutesco paused under one of the banners made after photographs from the evening’s honoree, Cindy Sherman.
Even the LongHouse pond was not immune from decoration.
Steve Miller and Jack Youngerman chatted during cocktails.
Bonnie Grice had some fun with one of the mannequins decked out with feathers and other decoration by Fashion Institute of Technology students that were placed around the property.
Lou Gropp, Dianne Benson, Peter Olson, Nina Gillman, and Jane Gropp greeted guests at the entrance.
John Waddell, Edwina von Gal, and John Hall at cocktails
The occassional rain drop did not take away from the festive atmosphere.

The garden features foot bridges and pavilions in a Chinese style.

Richard Move and his multidisciplinary dance and theater company MoveOpolis! greeted guests to the party. Morgan McGivern photos
Keith Sonnier and Ned Smyth shared a jovial moment before dinner.
Robert Wilson and Terrie Sultan, right, with the honorees.
With 600 guests before and during the dinner, getting a drink required patience.
Maya Lin, who has a show on view at the museum, made the scene.
Jennifer Barlett has a mini-retrospective at the Parrish and was the inspiration for the party decor.
Megan Rigby and James Rigby traveled from East Hampton and found themselves in front of a pool painting by Ms. Bartlett.
Sara Herbert Galaway, Ron Lyser, and Ginger Lyser
Fun in the galleries
The New York Times' Bill Cunningham took a taxi from the All Star Code party in East Hampton to cover the Parrish next.

Alexander George McCue, William Quigley, and Ben Moon at the opening on Friday Durell Godfrey Photos
The fuzzy boys, from left: Alex Goebel, Devlin Webb, Matt Orlando, Steven Clark, and Chris Clark
The party took place in a working studio.
The converted garage
Ben Moon with the 1985 Rolls Royce he painted
Guests gathering by the gas tanks
Detail from a work on view
The crowd inside
Alexander George McCue stood by his paintings at the party.